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Steve Eshom
Husband, father, photographer, outdoor fanatic, railfan, ham, software guy.
Husband, father, photographer, outdoor fanatic, railfan, ham, software guy.

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Chrome vs. Safari

After years of being a dedicated +Google Chrome browser user I decided I needed to check out the competition. With the release of OS X Yosemite by Apple I decided to give Safari a shot. According to the press it is faster than the competitors and since I use an iPhone the integration with the forced default browser there would be better.

I set up Safari and transferred my bookmarks over from Chrome. As with any change the new look and feel took some getting used to but I got the hang of it in a couple of days. Honestly the features and function of Safari exactly matched that of Chrome. Safari did just exactly what you'd expect. Speed? Hard to say. I don't have the technology available to me to measure so I'll leave that to the experts. I'll just say it felt fine. I noticed no significant difference over what I was used to.

After a few weeks I started to feel like I was missing something though. I realized that Chrome's richer interface in the tabs and navigation controls was a huge asset. Safari was flat and lacked contrast. At times I actually had to think about and look for the buttons or tabs I wanted to interact with in Safari. That of course slowed down my browsing experience. Safari did take up less vertical real estate with the navigation and tabs area than did Chrome which is always a plus!

In the plugins and extensions category the two browsers were mostly on par. Some of the Google plugins like +Google Voice (c'mon Google) didn't exist for Chrome. Others like +1Password and +Evernote were present and worked just the same. I would imagine there are Apple centric plugins for Safari that are not available for Chrome. That is the way the game is played I guess. 

One Chrome app that I use fairly frequently, Remote Desktop, was not available in Safari. This forced me to open Chrome periodically to use it. That's a pain.

In the end I switched back to Google Chrome. For how I use a browser Chrome seems to fit more appropriately. The deciding factor really wasn't a lack or failure of a feature it was simply look and feel. Chrome visually appealed to me while Safari was a bit flat. The flatness lead to some inefficiency in my interface with the browser. Add in the plugins/apps that I like and the decision was easy.

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"The HP is just grinning from ear to ear as they control 500 tonnes of A380 as it accelerates rapidly down the runway!"

Ever wonder what is involved with flying an A380?  This is the third part of a from an A380 pilot and is a fun read if you like to fly.  #flying #A380

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It is a wet sort of day.

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One of the neatest spots on the planet captured by +Brian Bonham.

This week I had the pleasure of meeting +Derek Kind during his visit to the Pacific Northwest.  We did some shooting up in the Columbia River Gorge.  This is  a shot of Oneonta Gorge from the log jam that sits at the bottom of the gorge.  The water was a little too cold and deep to venture any further.

#CRG #oregon

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For my Railfan friends, check out this beautiful sunrise shot from Spokane.

Even though today isn't Tuesday this would make an excellent contribution to +TransportTuesday.
This is a little more on the 'Artsy' side of things, but what the heck... ;-) Shot this morning from the Hamilton St. overpass in Spokane, WA. The sun rose a subdued red color and lit up the tracks in the BNSF rail yard (and back-lit the cell tower). BNSF 7678 arrived at exactly the right moment - heading up a west-bound freight consist. Best viewed FULL SCREEN!! Enjoy!

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Fire may not be the most popular thing but it is a fact of our lives in the Northwest.  Despite its outwardly destructive appearance fire does serve a purpose in our forests even though we don't like it much.

As difficult as it is for those impacted by a fire it can still be a fascinating subject.  I think this is a wonderful image depicting a fire burning northeast of Leavenworth, WA.  
Since fire seems to be the topic of the week...  

Tuesday night above the Eagle Creek fire in Leavenworth WA.  I took my 990 motorcycle and headed up with my tent to do some "Fire watching"  You can see the town of Leavenworth WA in the distance on the right.  It may look like daytime but this was taken at the top of Bjork Canyon at 1 AM under a full moon.  You can see the stars in the sky.

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I have a fascination with wing suits...though I'm quite certain I won't be threading any needles soon.
Video of the Day!

Flying through Tianmen Cave with GoPro wingsuiter Jeb Corliss. 

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Two Hours At Goodnoe Hills

On August 11, 2013 I found myself in the Goodnoe Hills to capture the annual Perseid Meteor shower. Take a look at this video I assembled which documents what I saw during the two hours I photographed.

The night sky sure isn't boring!  Watching this through I was shocked at just how much activity there is in the sky.  Glancing up at any given moment you may not recognize the activity but when you add all the hours together it really shows.

For a special treat watch for the puff of debris following a meteor in the lower right corner! 

#timelapse   #perseids  

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This is a nice guide.  Makes me want to head out and photograph some meteors.   #perseids  
Are you ready for the Perseids meteor shower? It's less than 2 weeks away and I've written the ultimate guide to successfully capture it!

Are you going out? If so, what dark sky location are you seeking out?

#perseids #meteorshower #perseids2013

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From The Flanks of Gibson Peak II

Last night I wanted to photograph sunset around Stanford, MT.  The first spot I scoped out didn't meet my expectations for interestingness so I continued driving from town up into the Little Belt Mountains.  I remembered a great road that I thought would provide some nice views. 

I photographed a bit on Divide Rd and continued to climb up to the divide between Dry Wolf and Running Wolf creeks.  At the summit I found a forest service road which climbed Gibson Peak into a 15-20 year old burn area.  I wandered around and found a few old snags to make this view of Taylor Peak, Granite Mountain, Dry Gulch, and Dry Wolf Creek.

#sunsetphotography   #sunsetphotos  
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