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Living in the past? Here are five Free Software time and task trackers to help make the most of your time.
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Can't stop watching this!
Oh Friday how I've missed you! 

The Shirk Report is here for the 259th Friday in a row! 25 funny pics, 10 interesting articles and 5 popular videos:

#funny   #gif   #viralvideo  
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Naughtyware. No, not that sort.

It looks like some app development may be taking a dark turn. Since ebay has released a new version of its app, the old version no longer works on my phone.

I start it, it crashes and then it kindly notifies me that a new version of the app is available.

The new version requires the location privilege, where the old location did not, and now to use ebay on my phone I have little choice but to install it and switch off location services while I use it.

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Rest in Peace, Frankie
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The perfect geek Saturday

Ok, let's see...
Paper (no tracked electronic version)
#Bacon sandwich...

Followed by some #coding for the morning and then a possible visit to the local #manga comic shop.

What's not to like!
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Let's not leave illegal practices just to government agencies, eh.
Seems quite a cartel of do-not-hire across big chunks of the tech world. Eric Schmidt: “I would prefer that Omid do it verbally since I don’t want to create a paper trail over which we can be sued later? Not sure about this.. thanks Eric”

Geez. And It seems Apple started it. And almost all were part of it. With a few notable exceptions. Cough.

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Is it me... or is there an inordinate number of Google ads - I mean "posts", in the stream currently? Wow.
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"Fun" with Windows 7  

So.. been having lots of fun with Windows 7 this morning.  Got hold of a refurb PC for doing some client system testing.  

Win7 install completes and there are 3 updates to do.  Start the update process and two modal windows open up behind the update window, waiting for me to do something.  Have to click on task bar's flashing icon to bring windows to the front.  On Windows.  Windows.

Anyway, I give the "OK" for Microsoft Security Essentials to install and it does, then starts to run an update within itself (!).  Due (perhaps) to the length of time of this process on this ageing P4, the main MS software updater kicks out another window saying "The application Microsoft Essentials may not have installed correctly."   

I'm sorry.  "_May_"??

Choices are "That's ok, it installed correctly" or "Reinstall this application".  Except the application is installed and already running an update.  Err...?  So.. how do I know it has installed correctly?  Because it's running...(?!)  *(Does the computer not know??!)*

 With 20 minutes of Windows use this morning, I can't believe just how bad things are on the other side of the fence.  Someone fresh to Windows will see all this flashing icons, hidden windows, alerts, worries...  and not have the first clue what to do. 

Someone close to me was one of those unfortunate souls.  She'd persisted for about a year with her Win7 machine and was constantly anxious with its scaremongering.  Hardly a productive environment.

Luckily, she's now running #debian   #wheezy  with the #gnomeshell  and immediately found it intuitive and straightforward.  Go #freesoftware !! 
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