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Steve Dewitz
Born with a grin, Smart Ass for Life!
Born with a grin, Smart Ass for Life!

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Doing some work on our blog to refresh it and bring it back to life :D

#Allo, doing what #Hangouts has done since forever. LOG CONVERSATION.

Everyone is shocked? Logged out of Hangouts, for good.

Go ahead +Google​, read my messages. You've been doing it for years anyway. (Gmail, etc etc)

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Someday my online ventures will pay off

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Seriously though, why are you paying the electric company? Give up a vice, for 6 months. Take the saving and apply it towards self sufficiency. Give a utility company the bird and save cash.

Grid ties don't do diddly for you if the grid goes down. Collect the electricity, store it, and use it. Even when the grid fails :D

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What's an electric bill?!

How do you convince 5,722 people to donate $1 a piece to you?

Oh hey

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So this happend

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Still up to this. 

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I still do this now. 
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