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Seems that Microsoft have not only missed the (social networking) train, they are still several miles from the station. This quote from the piece adequately sums up the service:

What slim chance it had to capture the imagination of a public that is already using Facebook (and may or may not be playing around with Google+), was dashed with the decision not to have a mobile component. As Robert Scoble rightly pointed out: "we're in the post-PC world now. Why didn't you start with just working on mobile? That would have been at least interesting." #smtrng
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Yeah I played around with for a little and didn't really like the design of everything.
I tried to plug in to but wasn't inspired to post anything. No focused content streams, no one of any notoriety to follow, clunky, unsophisticated UI... I would have loved for it to be of value, but another social embarrassment from MS I'm sorry to say.
Thanks +Martin Stone - I'll have a look, but have to admit to suffering a modicum of social network fatigue!

+Dave Burke It would have to be a pretty compelling network for me to start using it - otherwise it becomes another place to dilute content. Other than Office, I think MS is busted flush.
Good point from +Robert Scoble and he sums it up really we are living in post PC and mobile and tablet are the starting points. Looking ahead Google Plus has mobile not quite sewn up but decent apps on Android and Iphone. The Iphone app gives you an experience of Google Plus that is in some respects better than the desktop version. could have went straight for the jugular and gone mobile from the start but then again Microsoft do not have Android. Will have a look at later in the week in all honesty I cannot recall my Windows Live login nor do I want to sign up via Facebook. Will have to dig that WIndows Live log/pass out of the thrash can.
+Shane Dillon Agreed. I haven't seen the Google+ mobile app because I'm a Windows Phone guy. I honestly love it, but I don't guess I'll be seeing G+ on my phone anytime soon. :-)
Thanks +Shane Dillon - I don't have the iPad app, but I assume it must be the same as my Android version, and agree, it's a good UX. I've got a presentation on Slideshare which I produced about 12 months ago, and remember putting in one of the slides... "design for mobile, think about PC, and NOT the other way around". But guess MS don't look at my Slideshare stuff :-)
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