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I've passed this sculpture by local artist Mona Ryder thousands of times traversing the stairwell. It attracts lots of comments. Interpretations range from exotic flower to female genitalia.
The placard describes it as Sentinels attempting flight
There's also a photo of the second sculpture from Sentinels attempting flight in this album.
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There's a placard near it in the stairwell. I've included a photo of it in the album for the curious.
+Keph Zen yes, they look nice whatever they are. The title is "Sentinels attempting flight" the second sentinel is on a nearby stairwell also overlooking the courtyard.
+John Kampsen definitely different. They reminded me of your cloud photo and the variety of interpretations we all put on the same image. That prompted me to take a photo of the clouds there as well. They were lined up in what gliding enthusiasts would call cloud streets.
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