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Steve Cokkinias
Vice President, Sales & Marketing at FMG Leading, Growth Advisor, Service Trainer, Columnist, Hospitality Lecturer, former Ritz-Carlton G.M.
Vice President, Sales & Marketing at FMG Leading, Growth Advisor, Service Trainer, Columnist, Hospitality Lecturer, former Ritz-Carlton G.M.

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Nice article featuring our VP of Healthcare, Jennifer Perry, who recently attended the San Diego Business Journal's executive roundtable discussion focused on high-growth #healthcare  & life sciences companies!
Great article in the latest edition of the San Diego Business Journal, featuring our Vice President of Healthcare, Jennifer Perry!
Jennifer recently represented FMG Leading at the SDBJ-hosted executive round-table discussion, focused on strategies for high-growth healthcare and life-sciences companies.
(And if you have a 'print copy', yes, that's Jen on the front page as well!)
#healthcare   #executive   #roundtable   #sandiego  

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CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CHROs, This new post on the financial impact of Strategic Alignment is for YOU!
What is YOUR executive misalignment costing you? High-value new blog from Erin Rocchio: "Strategic Alignement: Decoded":

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Very cool infographic. If you are looking to align your executive team AND develop an effective human capital strategy, DON'T invest 3-6 months. Invest ONE DAY. 
To learn more, visit:
NEW INFOGRAPHIC! Executive alignment. Human Capital Strategy. ONE DAY. It's time to take a closer look at FMG Leading's "Human Capital Index™". For more information on how the one-day Human Capital Index™ program can transform your team and your organization, visit: .

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Great advice in this quick and important read!
What would you say if asked to give your "best business advice"? Our VP of Organization Development, Addam Marcotte, shares his thoughts around having a clear strategy:

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Great insights from FMG Leading CEO Dr. Matt Brubaker!
“The best CHROs integrate two streams: the irreplaceable value of an organization’s human capital, and the business. The best CHROs speak business first, HR second.”
Our CEO Dr. Matt Brubaker shares his thoughts about key CHRO skills in this recently published article in XpertHR :

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Awesome read and very high value.....great insights from our Addam Marcotte and a panel of organizational culture gurus!
How would YOU complete the following sentence: 
"The best way to create a data-driven #culture in an organization is to....."
Click the link to see how our VP of Organization Development, Addam Marcotte responded!

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Still "going with your gut" when it comes to human capital development?
CEOs / CHROs: Is human capital development part of your organization's strategic growth plan? Don't make a multi-million-dollar investment mistake. 

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Congratulations Foster and Matt!  Big news!
BREAKING NEWS! FMG Leading announces CEO Transition.
Congratulations Dr. Matt Brubaker and Dr. Foster Mobley!

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Wishing you a Happy Holidays and a 2016 filled with continued growth and success!
Happy Holidays....from our family to yours.

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Great read!  Thanks Erin Rocchio!
CEO's: Are YOU making this MAJOR (and common!) mistake? The latest from FMG Leading's VP of Leader Development, Erin Rocchio:  

For more insights around how FMG Leading measures and develops leadership quality, visit: or call: (714) 628-2900 x105. 
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