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Steve Clark
Eternal geek and wannabe guitarist. Posting 0-5 times a day about tech, music, guitars, green issues and anything else I fancy
Eternal geek and wannabe guitarist. Posting 0-5 times a day about tech, music, guitars, green issues and anything else I fancy

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I triggered some lively debate about use of news sources on +Steemit. It's sad that people don't feel they can trust any of the media. Journalists are human too (well, most of them).

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I got this portrait done by a guy on +Steemit. Does it look like me? Only cost a few Steem. I may play with changing the colours

Also, they finally have drag and drop images when creating a post. That's one less barrier for new users.

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Talking about books can earn me enough to buy one.

I do wonder where +Steemit is going as it struggles to gain more users, but I'll take the money in the meantime. It just seems like a good alternative to the big players when there's no advertising, no censorship and no minimum withdrawal.

Even with the Steem price falling I can still make a few dollars on a post. You can always link to Youtube videos and other blogs if you want to drive traffic there too. Not that I make anything from those. Steemit ranks well on Google, so you can get traffic. Just seems like a win-win to me, but we have lots of choices these days.

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The price of Steem (the +Steemit currency) has been falling lately, but I'm not too worried. If the service has any future then it will recover. I've been able to buy some music and art for Steem that I earned there, so it has a value to me.

You can use it for some items on I may try selling some things there. It doesn't have any transaction fees, unlike some other cryptocurrencies.

It may be a good time to buy some Steem. It's been as high as $4 last year, so maybe it will rise again.

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I've been doing the Steemit open mic contests. Here's my latest entry with an original song. I appreciate any votes you can spare

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I'm loving this geeky supernatural comic that's on +Steemit and elsewhere. At least the author makes something there. I bought a picture from him

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I'm entering this contest again. It would be great to see some of the musicians of G+ taking part. There's some small prizes to be won, but just posting on +Steemit can earn you something. This is the future of social media with no censorship or advertising.

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I bought some art this week. +Steemit has great potential for artists to earn from their work. They get paid if people just vote on it, but people can also use the currency to buy stuff. I know it can be tough to make money from art and this is a free option worth trying. No advertising to distract or deter people either.

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Interesting new web interface to +Steemit. As it's all based on blockchain they don't depend on one site to access it. This one has easy image uploads and private messaging. Still in beta, but looks promising.

There are some apps around too. I've used one, but was preferring the web. Busy may be my new favourite once they add a few features.

I'm making a few dollars each week. A nice little extra income and I'm using some of it to buy stuff from other users.

I may not renew this year as I just haven't been doing much with the school lately. It's possible that they will tempt me with another special offer. I do like the school, but just haven't had the time. I'll still keep playing guitar though.
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