There's no 'fail' in Ultrabook this week

Reading the pathetic, reader-bait articles about Ultrabook sales numbers this week has made me mad, and embarrassed that I work in an industry full of such cheap, I can't call them writers or journalists, keyboard-bashers.

The word 'fail' in a title is worse than the question mark.

'Are Ultrabooks an epic failure?' tips me into a rage so bad that I barely want to read further into the long list of negative Ultrabook news. Journos just love it when they think something has gone wrong. Reminds me of the UK's Daily Mail that plays to chattering readers.

What was the real story about Ultrabooks sales this week. . .

I'll see if I can pull myself together to write something about the most amazing month in the history of Ultrabooks so far. More new models launched than in any month bringing the numbers of known Ultrabooks into the 80+ level, a new processing platform, an entry level price of $680, the non-appearance of AMD-based ultrathins, excitement over Windows 8, tests that prove the Ultrabook CPU is more powerful per watt than any ARM CPU, proof that Ultraslates are coming and my own experience that via my affiliate link stats I see that Ultrabook sales *only started in June. *

Predictions say that Intel will only sell 1 million Ultrabooks this year. Rubbish. 5 million at least and probably all in Q4.

My business is Ultrabooks, and I'm predicting a VERY GOOD second half 2012. Laptops are truly getting exciting again.
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