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We have had no scheduled reports sent from GA since last Thursday. I can't see anything wrong in the setup, and I have set up a couple of daily reports over the last couple of days but they've not come through either. I've checked our IT department and they confirm nothing has come through to our email server, although we are still getting Intelligence Alert emails from GA.

Is anyone else experiencing problems with GA scheduled emails at the moment?

I have a quick question... when setting page code for eCommerce dataLayer entries on a thankyou page, if all the dataLayer entries go in at the start of the <body> before the main GTM code - as per guide standards, but at the start of the GTM code the developers have left a bit in that says:
var dataLayer = [];
Will the presence of this bit effectively overwrite the transaction data that has just been fed in by re-creating a blank dataLayer?

Thanks in advance

Anyone else having issues with automated .csv reports coming through as "default_filename" as of Saturday 10th May?

Weird behaviour from annotation speech bubbles.

Is anyone else finding that the annotation speech bubbles displayed on the timeline graphs go missing, unless you change the zoom level of the browser? (Chrome Version 34.0.1847.11 beta-m). Has only really started happening today as far as I can tell.

If you then change the information plotted, the graph refreshes as normal, and the speech bubbles go missing again, so I have to adjust the zoom level again.

Very odd..

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I've used In-Page Analytics to some success in the past couple of years (fully accepting its limitations), but since moving to a new site and implementing Universal Analytics via Google Tag Manager, I have been unable to get In-Page Analytics to work. I am currently getting the below message, stating that it doesn't load ga.js from Google (which is true, as I am not using old GA, I'm using analytics.js), and also states that it can't find a tracking snippet on the site, which is strange because it loads via GTM.

If I choose "Load in Full View" It attempts to bring up the page, but I get a bright yellow banner at the top which states "Access Denied [...]"

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Has anyone else had any difficulties getting this to work in a similar set-up?



Quick question for any Advanced Filter gurus out there...

I have a site whereby page addresses conform to the following general appearance:-

The standard format of all pages is to have the trailing forward slash at the end. This is fine.

However,  if links are shared which omit the trailing forward slash, they still execute as a page, and Google Analytics then reports two variants of the same page:

i.e. one with the trailing slash, and one without. This is not helpful.

Our web developers have provided a quote to put something in place in the CRM that will add a trailing slash to all page requests, respecting any query parameters that might also be part of the Request URI.

My gut feeling is that I might also be able to get round this by way of Advanced Filters. Would anyone have any suggestions?



GTM, Universal Analytics and browser compatibilities for e-Commerce.

I am the process of working with a development agency with a new site that launches next week. I am using GTM and have GUA in place. Everything seems to be tracking ok, but I am testing the e-Commerce aspect of it, and am finding that different mobile browsers are not tracking. 

I am using a Nexus 7 (2013), a Nexus 10, a Nexus 4 and an iPad for testing. On the various Nexus devices, I cannot get eCommerce transactions to track through using Opera, Firefox or Chrome. It does however track using Dolphin Beta. The visits themselves track ok, just not the transaction.

On the iPad I have tested with Safari and that tracks eCommerce fine.

Does anyone have any pointers that I can go back to the Agency with that might help solve this problem?



I'm attempting to try out Google Consumer Survey's free Satisfaction survey on a site, deploying the code via a Custom HTML tag on Google Tag Manager. The tag fired but I'm not seeing the survey at all.

Has anyone had any joy doing this?

It's a UK site with a mainly UK audience. I thought the survey functionality was rolled-out for US and UK visitors, or have I misread the terms and it's strictly US visitors only?

Good morning GA community. I am just about to start properly using Universal Analytics on a site that is launching next month. I am going to use GTM to deploy. We also have a legacy Web Shop on a separate domain which will be linked to from the main site.

I intend to use a separate GTM container for the Web Shop, but am I best to use the same UA tracking code for both sites, or do I need one code for the main site, and one code for the Web Shop? I would like to be able to report end-to-end user journeys.

For our current configuration, I am using the same GA code but with different "_setDomainName" fields, then splitting the different sites out by their hostname. I'm not sure if UA works the same way.

Any pointers please?
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