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My first Video Log - the end of the LA trip for The Red Pill @JaniceFiamengo @anearformen @equalitycanada

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Domestic Violence & the feminist myth

Women are slightly MORE violent than men.

More men are victims

18% of Males are victims
13% of women are victims

More women are perpetrators

18% of males are perpetrators
23% of females are perpetrators

The most common form of violence is two persons hitting each other in a real fight. (80% or so)

The second most common is a violent woman and a defensive man (10%)

The third most common is a violent man and defensive woman. (6%)

The stereotype of the highly abusive man and cowering woman is extremely RARE (occurs in roughly 1 in 11,000 cases)

but that rarity is precisely what the law is based on, as if it were what domestic violence is.

Peak age for DV is couples in their 20s

& in cases of Child abuse
by Mother 58%
by Father 42%

If mother is in a shelter (because been hit multiple times) the children's risk of violence from the mother is 2.5 times worse than the risk from the father

Domestic Violence is fairly rare and most of it is minor. It isn't related to any social classes and appears to be a matter of psychology. Main problems are that violent people seem to couple with violent people and they don't have good skills at settling disputes.

It isn't about control and it isn't about domination.

Based on a lecture by research Psychologist at UBC, Donald Dutton. Involved in the field since 1970 including police training.

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"Male violence is still the more serious phenomenon" ... nonsense. This ignores the enormous amount of proxy violence perpetrated by men at the behest of women, as well as the enormous impact that violent mothers have on children... creating violent adults, and much more.

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HOA audio is almost always out of sync.  Even Netmeeting 15 years ago was better at synchronizing audio and video.  
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