I think most people have a moment in their lives when music first makes a real impact on them. That one moment when you are listening to a song, and a chord is struck, a verse is sung, or a cymbal rang and your outlook on life is changed. You realize something you never realized before, or a different perspective is suddenly thrust into your mind.

For me it was the day back in 1985 when I bought and listened to "Moving Pictures", by Rush. When I got to the 3rd track, "YYZ", I must have replayed it 20 times. It was an awakening in my mind that something that is simple could be done in such a way that is masterful, utterly creative, inspiring, and part of something greater than itself.

I still remember sitting in our living room, constantly moving the needle back to the beginning of the song and thinking, "This is three guys - one on a bass, one on drums, and one on guitar - and they made something that is vastly more than three guys playing instruments together."

It was the first moment in my life when I truly got that I could find a passion in something and hopefully, one day, make something that was beautiful, that mattered, that was inspiring and provocative.

I don't know if I've accomplished that goal yet, but every day I wake up with that goal in mind - that I have it in me to do something wonderful.

"Is today going to be the day?"
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