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New York will also begin burping every resident after meals.
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When we will grow out of this reflexive desire to ban or regulate every single thing that is bad for us?
When they stop electing people like this.
And this is from a business guy like Bloomberg.
But Bloomberg is a capitalist, no? A free market advocate?

If you can't count on someone like him to stay out of people's personal choices, what hope do we have?
Exactly. He is no socialist nanny.

I've seen the same behavior in my very Republican suburb. You can justify a lot in the name of promoting good health. Now, I will admit that I wish we could return to the days of the 8 and 10 oz bottles, but I don't want it legislated.
Bush claimed to be a free market proponent before creating TARP.
Years ago, I saw a report that the majority of regulations were actually instigated by businesses. It's a way of trying to change the market or negatively affect competition.

I've long thought that the free market has always been primarily an ideal, not something that any business would truly want. Plus, companies and interests are always trying to manipulate markets far beyond what consumers can do.
One of the reasons that they don't actually want free markets, aside from the obvious constant threats of new competitors, is that free market is always supposed to be accompanied by transparent accounting.
Why do the majority of smart, rational people have to have laws forced upon us that are intended to correct of minority of stupid people. That's what this is. There's a small number of idiots who can't stop themselves from guzzling soda and eating at McDonalds, so our law makers feel it's their duty to override the idiot's personal responsibility and create laws to force them to behave. What country do we live in again?
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