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Will probably be pulling most of The Call #1 down soon to push sales of the PDF, read issue 1 while you can:
A fantastical coming of age story, set in an imaginary Africa where magic binds tribes to their history forever.
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M'zuri asante sanna! Hey my brother from another mother, cool project. I read up on Shaka Zulu when I was in my teens & was disappointed at the portrayal they showed in the movie. The actors were fine but the lead was nothing like the real Shaka. They played him as a big-bad-mean type. He was a leader, a warrior, and a brilliant strategist who refused to take crap from anyone. (Just finishing off an erotic-survival adventure e-book w/ setting of a modern-day African country. Not the reason for my post. Just a weird coincidence.)

p.s. The concept for The Call sounds great and I'm sure the art & writing will be, too. Best of luck, here!
Thanks y'all. +Steamy Raimon a little known fact is that the Shaka Zulu movie was funded by the South African Broadcasting Corporation, which had obvious motives at the time in portraying him as far more savage than he actually was.
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