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Steve Broome
Video Game Design. Analytics. Copy writing.
Video Game Design. Analytics. Copy writing.

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Gameplay footage from our indie survival game KINETIK. We want to make something very different, so this game has lots of near-future tech integration like AI upgrades for your drone, and cybernetic limb upgrades for your soldier

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New look at on of our playable characters. A big part of our attempt to standout in the crowded field of survival games is represented here, with elements like Carbon Fiber and plastic that have to be crafted to suit a player's style.

We're documenting this dev process and giving free blueprint and brush downloads on our site so check it out if you haven't. Our Creative Director Mat Broome (H1Z1, DC Universe Online) is taking questions on the Making the Game page and incorporating them into future eps. Our programmer Kevin McPherson (EverQuest 1&2) will be doing the same

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Model by Mat Broome (Art Director on H1Z1, DC Universe Online) for our indie game KINETIK.

This playable character is being shown as it's constructed to teach aspring devs how game characters are made using a pipeline of Maya, Marvelous Designer, Zbrush and other programs.

Devlog is on our site:


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What do folks in the community most want to learn from veteran developers? This wouldn't relate to marketing, which is very tough obviously but varies greatly with each project. More in the vein of information that's hard to come by that you'd love to learn for free.
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3D Art Techniques
2D Art Techniques
C++ and other programming
Level and AI design

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In the latest ep of our devlog Making the Game our artist Mat Broome (H1Z1, DC Universe Online) gets into the details of helmet design, talks about the pitfalls that commonly hurt young devs (like making helmets that are too detailed for the gamer to recognize easily on screen) and shows a lot of rendering technique.

If you're an Unreal Engine 4 developer we will regularly be featuring free blueprint downloads in this series as well as user questions:

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Our latest devlog shows how to design simple helmets that read well for gamers, with strong outlines and details that enhance design rather than competing with it.

Our Creative Director Mat Broome (H1Z1, DC Universe Online) gives a lot of detailed looks at his process for game developers who want a more behind the scenes look at game development than you'll usually see.

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Concept art time lapse by my brother (Mat Broome) from a game we're building
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Our latest ep of Making the Game focuses on a simple helmet design, and what you want to tell the gamers when you create assets like this.

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Hey folks, our series Making the Game is a new devlog merged with tutorials, where we break down the specifics of game design that are not necessarily intuitive especially for people coming from other disciplines. Everything from Maya, Marvelous Designer and Zbrush modeling to AI behavior and level design.

In our first installment our game's artist Mat Broome (Art Director on H1Z1, DC Universe Online, etc.) goes into how to make eyes that draw players into engaging with a character.

Hope you enjoy, Mat is also taking any dev questions on the blog and will factor those into future eps.

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If anyone has ever wanted to make games our small studio is doing a devlog series that shows every part of game creation from design to art. Our artist shows detailed steps to create engaging experiences.

You can also ask questions directly to our artist on the devlog page for featuring in future columns (Mat Broome who was Art Director on H1Z1 and DC Universe Online), we hope this gives people who want to make games or are just interested in the process insights.

We work in Unreal Engine 4 but these tips will apply to any engine you use.

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