While driving through the tiny town of Lena, MB I stumbled across this gem and had to photograph it to share with #SteamySunday  and the co-curators +Shelly Gunderson and +Paul Pavlinovich. Apparently someone there collects them as there was another steam boiler contraption in his yard.

This steam-powered thresher was built between 1902 and 1912 by the American-Abell Engine & Thresher Company of Toronto, Ontario and is adorned with a rooster and the "Cock O' the North" slogan. More information here: http://www.farmcollector.com/steam-traction/american-abell-engine-and-thresher-co-ltd.aspx#axzz3A0D1qa4s and here http://www.farmcollector.com/steam-traction/canadian-notes-september-1951.aspx
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