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If you are looking to setup +Google Analytics into your mobile app for Android, there are plenty of questions you may have if you have little or no experience.  Knowing what you want to track and the best way to do so needs to be figured out before implementation. Organization is key!  

I put together this tutorial to show a very nice way to implement Google Analytics for Android.  I show an advanced setup for multiple trackers and lots of great tips on how to get the best data for you.

I reference sample code from my open-source example project hosted on GitHub.  Links to the source is at the bottom of the article.  

On top of all that good stuff, I have screenshots of the data results collected by the sample project.  I also have a real world example from my most recent application that I been working on, Phandroid News (  

#googleanalytics   #android   #mobileanalytics   #androiddev  
Learn how to track events, app speed, screens, eCommerce transactions and much more with this advanced Google Analytics example. Source code included.
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excellent info goodwork:)))
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Steve Albright

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Who lives in SF? How accurate is this? Either way if I live in SF this would be wall art!
It took illustrator Jenni Sparks three months to finish this secret-laden cartography.
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She has lots of other cool drawings as well. (her site.. scroll down)
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Steve Albright

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I guess I'll review this tomorrow.
April 2015 Material Design Spec Update

Here on the #materialdesign team at Google, we’re always listening to community feedback and looking for ways to broaden and expand the specification to better fit the needs of designers everywhere. Today we’re publishing an update to that draws on extensive conversations we’ve had with designers and developers over the past few months. The update includes 7 new sections, as well as refinements to content in existing sections.

Some highlights:

Data tables: guidance on presenting data sets, particularly in desktop products
Units and measurements: a description of the different units used in material design, including guidance on using density-independent pixels (DPs)
App structure: suggestions for top-level navigation in your app
Component sticker sheet for After Effects to help streamline your motion design workflow
Floating action buttons now have their own section, with added guidance on behavior and transitions
• Updated guidance on Typography, Cards, Dialogs, Tabs and Scrolling.

For all the gory details, check out the What’s New section in the spec:
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Steve Albright

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Hallelujah brother!!!!!! 
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Yeah, a little terrifying I must say. As reddit comments already ask... Wouldn't this be a body transplant rather than a head transplant?

The head makes the person unique not the body.

#becausescience #wtf #terrified #onlyinrussia
This week, 30-year-old Russian man, Valery Spiridonov, announced that he will become the subject of the first human head transplant ever performed, saying he volunteers to have his head removed and installed on another person’s body. If this sounds...
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You think that one of them has one?...Tommy
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Steve Albright

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Proof: update to HTC One M9 drastically improves camera [PHOTOS]
The HTC One M9 has been highly criticized for its underperforming camera but the company just rolled out an update. We put the update to the test in this photo comparison of before and after shots.
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+McKay Nehring​ nobody is trolling. Facts are facts, fact is, I have any HTC One in my hand at this very minute. Fact, Every One, I've owned has had some sort of camera issue that needed software to fix, or processor heat destroyed the lens. Fact, the Galaxy S6 camera is ridiculous, and blows the One away, hands down, no comparison. You're right though, the camera is fine, it's nowhere near what it should be at this stage in the game though. 
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Awesome! Riverboat Cruise story!  Front cover featuring my beautiful wife +Amanda Albright :)
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Excellent Samsung Galaxy S6 Review by +Christopher Chavez​! I almost want to buy a Galaxy S6. If you know me... I just can't handle that bottom center physical button. +Samsung Mobile​ definitely has made an improvement since last year, that's for sure! Be sure to read this review as it covers everything!

After seemingly growing complacent the past few years, Samsung came out in 2015 swinging with the all new Samsung Galaxy S6. By now you've heard the hype, but is the phone really worth the steep asking price? Find out in our in depth review.
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I certainly hope that their business model is to get bought by google so that it becomes part of the official toolchain.
Develop your Android applications in real time. The changes you make are automatically applied to your running application. Works with real devices and
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Steve Albright

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I would never wear my collar up, that hat, or those pants. Dat purple doe.
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Steve Albright

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I just plused this so hard!
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+Eric Richardson  (Hugh Jackman) aka Huge Assman.
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See! Even G+ knows!
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Basic Information
Technology enthusiast, early adopter, loves everything Android and loving husband that is a father of four.
My name is Steven Albright and I am the Lead Android Developer for Neverstill Media, the parent company of websites such as, and many others in the Consumer Tech, Gaming, and Lifestyle markets.  

I am a technology enthusiast, early adapter and buy way too much tech stuff.  Since the beginning of this year I am a proud father of four (3 babies [yep, triplets] and 1 two yr old).  This makes my home and work life both challenging and exciting... not to mention exhausting.  Every moment I am not working I am spending with my kids and loving wife.  

I'd fit perfect for the following types of circles:
  • Android
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • Server Administration
  • Server Security
  • Developer
  • Gaming
  • Entrepreneurship
I went to school for Computer Networking so I have lots of neat certificates (along with knowledge) such as Security+, Network+, A+ Hardware, A+ Software and a bunch others that are network/security/administration related.  

I am the creator of Clutch Pad which was featuring on many sites such as LifeHacker, Droid-Life, etc.  It was one of the first Android applications that overlaid the application stack.  I soon hope to update it but my life has become pretty busy and crazy (remember...three babies and a 2 yr old).  

If you read this much you should just follow me and enjoy what I share to this wonderful G+ community :)
Bragging rights
Phandroid News, Clutch Pad, Carrier Coverage, xScope UI Design
Developer, UI Designer and Entrepreneur
Android, Java, PHP, HTML, Computer Networking, Social Media, Server Administration, Making Kids, Photoshop, Illustrator, Visual Basic, Mel Scripting, Python, C++
  • Neverstill Media
    Lead Android Developer, 2011 - present
    Neverstill Media is a network of news and community-based websites and mobile apps covering topics in Consumer Tech, Gaming, Lifestyle, and more. Our we are proud to own and which is the first and largest Android news and fan community. Design and build the next generation of Neverstill Android apps and APIs. Programming new websites and features for existing websites based on documentation. Potentially develop apps and Neverstill APIs for other mobile platforms. Keep up-to-date on the latest Android SDK developments, respond to customer feedback & testing. Other tasks related to the upkeep and development of Company websites, including but not limited to: updating software from Wordpress and vBulletin, assisting in server optimization and uptime improvements, performing backups, assisting in server migrations, and other miscellaneous tasks.
  • BAE Systems
    Modeling and Simulation Specialist, 2007 - 2011
    I worked on the 3D Modeling and Simulation team that focused on visualization. Our main requirement was to support our customers with modeling, visualizations, simulations, training modules and marketing renderings. Specialized in but not limiting to: 3D Modeling - Maya, Modo, Blender Real-Time - Vega Prime, Ogre3D, Unreal Programming - Visual Basic, Mel Scripting, Python, Java, C++
  • Pitney Bowes
    Field System Specialist, 2004 - 2007
    Installed and customized shipping solutions for clientele all throughout Central and Eastern PA. Integrated customized solutions to interface with their legacy systems and current workflows.
  • Mediatoy
    Owner / Web Developer
    Partnership that I created while in high school that offered Web Design and Development.
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