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Steve Adams

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Art. Says something profound about the human condition.

Via a friend on FB. 
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Steve Adams

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Happy Birthday boy!
12. How did he get to be 12 ? Happy birthday +Charlie Adams xxx 
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Many Happy Returns +Charlie Adams
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Captain America: the Winter Soldier mini review #FT
I was very impressed & +Charlie Adams  loved it too.

Ticks lots of boxes:
- fits into the recent Marvel/Avengers universe (adding to the story and not contradicting/breaking it) 
- makes a virtue of the elements of the Capn which would normally turn me off (goody-goody American Apple pie values, not a "real" superhero, stupid costume)
- deals intelligently with very contemporary themes (post Snowden) - privacy vs security, who guards the guards...
- they remembered to have an interesting, engaging plot AND great action sequences
- the actors/performances were great
- decent soundtrack.. I don't remember much of it - which means it didn't get in the way and "worked"
- ScarletJ (nough said... I'm a man of a certain age)

An intelligent action movie. Worth a watch.
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I loved it too, huge marvel fan! Collecting the Marvel chess board :) 
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Steve Adams

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Out with the boy ( +Charlie Adams) for dinner & movie. #FT
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Have him in circles
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Steve Adams

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+Charlie Adams  blowing out candles... (well, nearly).
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Steve Adams

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Happy Birthday +Charlie Adams. #FT
#MINION cake by +alison adams.
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clever sis! Hope it tastes as good as it looks! xxx
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Steve Adams

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Still Scrobbling... after all these years My play history.   #FT   #music  

This is mostly stuff I'm listening to on my Laptop whilst working from home office.
Includes history back to 2009.
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+Steve Adams Hi Steve, nice library, and good to find another David Sylvian fan, Brilliant Trees is a great album.
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Steve Adams

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Also known as a wakawakagon. Know your shapes:
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Off to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier with +Charlie Adams this evening. #FT  
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Have him in circles
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