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This tells me nothing. But it appears to be more of the same. I'm sold.

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And so begins the inevitable conundrum... do I watch this or wait until Monday for HIGABMNFY?

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It's astonishing to think that book was written in 1954... While there are occasional references to dates, nothing sets this to a particular time apart from the mention of the date.

If you have seen the I Am Legend film... This is not it. As far as I can tell, only 2 things remain between the book and the film. The name of the character and the post-apocalyptic nightmare setting.

Robert Neville is the last man on Earth, everyone else consumed by vampirism. By day he hunts and kills the vampires. By night he locks himself away and listens to the cries of those seeking to consume his blood. What drives him on is his inquisitive mind and a want for answers. He does not see vampirism as a paranormal event, but as a scientific one. He must know why.
All the while Neville also must battle his own demons, his loneliness, his depression and his alcoholism.
Through his persistence at investigating the nature of vampirism and his destruction of so many vampires, the question eventually arrives - who is the monster here. The creatures who seeks your blood to survive or the creature who comes while you sleep to kill you whilst you are defenseless.

This story is sci-fi at its best. Thoughtful, provocative and with a hint of possibility. 

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And there is it... the clearest indication yet that the party currently running our country is BATSHIT INSANE.

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A couple of conditions.

1) This could work as a TV epic rather than a movie (or 6 as would no doubt have to be)...

2) Not him. 

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I like that Kidby is making this and that he's planning some "hidden extras".
Here's hoping for a tiny Death of Rats.

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So I have finally completed this... I was given mixed reviews before I began, but my love of fantasy led me to believe that it was a book (or collection) that was a must read.

...and now I understand. Having read all the Discworld novels, all the Song of Ice and Fire (so far) having played Warcraft for nigh on 15 years... I understand.

This is where it all comes from.

Tolkien is the foundations of all modern fantasy. Without doubt. His creation is stunning. It's so incredibly broad and wide ranging. And so beautiful.
Yes, there are stories that are not as exciting as Lord of the Rings or even other parts of the Silmarillion. But it is the basis. I now how thousands of Middle Earth history running around my head.

But there is one other thing... I got this as an Audible. Best decision I made.
These stories are created to be heard. They are the oral tales of the history of Arda and the wonderful universe of Eä. I doubt very much I could have read this and enjoyed it as much. 

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The Dalai Lama is awesome. He just is. And this interview cements it.

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