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Today's the day! Google Glass is for sale to the public for a limited time. How long before they start showing up around your office?
Employers are wise to proactively revise any BYOD policies to address anticipated issues and develop best-use practices for wearable smart devices.
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Four stories showing the complexity of landlord tenant conflicts and issues
Attorney Robin Unander shares a series of four very different tenant stories, along with the mistakes to avoid and the lessons landlords can learn.
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Supervisors may be held personally liable for "bad faith termination."
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Health Care Reform Update
Despite overall better knowledge of the PPACA, many are still (understandably) confused about exactly when the rules are supposed to take effect.
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The NLRB, Section 7 rights, and non-compete agreements.
This decision and others from the Board mean it's prime time for companies to review and update their employment handbook policies and contracts.
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These employment law practices can help avoid/resolve concerns within the company, and, when needed, support the defense in litigation.
Company's policies, training programs, and reporting/investigative processes will all be considered and evaluated when defending a claim. Be ready.
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April's newsletter is out: New sections, incl technology and socialmedia, HR/Employment, and CRE
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PA has new remedies to enforce delinquent taxes against property owners
A significant change in Pennsylvania law makes property taxes enforceable against the person, not just the property.
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Pets on rental property not only expose landlords to risk of damage, but possibly also liability in related injuries.
If dogs are allowed on rental property, landlords should ensure that they have adequate insurance and proper clauses in the rental agreement.
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