Bad news, folks: Samsung has rejected the new WW clients for older Gear watches again. And I'm not sure that I'll be able to get past it this time.

The basic issue is that some widgets don't render correctly. Now, we've all known this all along, and I even say that openly in the app's description - not every widget works well on the watch. But the position of this particular tester seems to be, "Every widget must work perfectly."

This is screwed up for a whole list of reasons:

- We don't have control over the widgets. And the widgets which seem to have the most trouble are Samsung's own - it's their shoddy programming on display here.

- They're rejecting the watch apps for a problem that's actually on the phone. It is literally impossible to fix these issues from the app that's being rejected here; the watch apps simply show the widget images that they're sent from the phone app.

- They've already approved the same apps for the Gear S3, which have exactly the same issues. (See previous point.)

- The previous versions of these same apps were approved, and again, will exhibit the same issues. This means that they're denying their users a better, more stable experience of all those widgets that do work well.

- Even if I fixed all of the problems they've found with specific widgets, there's nothing to stop them finding other widgets that still don't work quite right.

- They don't even tell me what some of these widgets are. Anybody recognize that round blue-and-white one at the upper-right, for example?

And finally:

- I can't reproduce (and thus even attempt to fix) these issues without buying a more recent Samsung phone, one that includes the specific widgets they're complaining about. It might take more than one! My old Galaxy S4 doesn't show these problems, and I can't install the Samsung-specific APKs on a non-Samsung phone.

The bottom line is that the new, much-improved WW watch face is currently dead in the water for the Gear 1, 2, and S; as is the new interactive app for those same watches, plus the Gear S2. At this time, I have no plan for getting the new release out for these devices.
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