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Starting work on Plan B.

Just got my I/O rejection too. Ah well.

Time to start looking for golden tickets... that's what got me there in 2014. #nevergiveup

When is my watch getting Wear 2.0?

I decided it was time to create a catchall post for Wear 2.0 update news. We'll do our best to keep this up to date with the latest official release dates. If there's no date posted for your watch, then we don't know, so please don't ask.

If you have sourced info for any of the watch models here, post the news (with a link) and we'll update this list ASAP. Rumors or unsubstantiated claims won't be added here, of course.

Hopefully, this will cut down on the repetitive questions in the group. Moderators are likely to remove such posts at our discretion.

So, let's get to it! Here are all the dates we know, for all the watches which are getting Wear 2.0 (per Google's announcement post [0]).

ASUS ZenWatch 2 & 3: Q2 2017 [1]
Casio Smart Outdoor Watch: ?
Casio PRO TREK Smart: ?
Fossil Q (all models): mid-March 2017 [2]
Huawei Watch: ? (dev preview available)
LG G Watch R: ?
LG Watch Style and Sport: February 8, 2017
LG Watch Urbane & 2nd Edition LTE: ? (dev preview available)
Michael Kors Access: ?
Moto 360 2nd Gen: ?
Moto 360 for Women: ?
Moto 360 Sport: ?
New Balance RunIQ: ?
Nixon Mission: ?
Polar M600: Spring 2017 [3]
TAG Heuer Connected: ?

If your watch isn't on this list, then you're most likely out of luck, and stuck on Wear 1.


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Some reasonably good news for Fossil owners.
Android Wear 2.0 launched earlier this month on LG’s duo of new watches — the LG Watch Sport and Style. Over the coming weeks, though, it will be rolling out to the majority of other, older Android Wear devices. Now, Fossil is giving us a time frame for…

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Niiiiice. Two apps prominently featured in two different Wear categories. 😁

So since yesterday I've had two random Russians email out of the blue asking for a free copy of TerraTime. Weird.

I've just pushed an update to the v6.0 beta out to Google Play, fixing a number of bugs (thanks +Hervé URBAIN) and improving Wear device detection. If all goes well I hope to move this build to general release later in the week!

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Bad news, folks.

Appeal for Beta Testers

I'm posting this with my "app developer" hat on (rather than as a community moderator), looking for a few Wear owners who might be interested in beta-testing a new release of Wear App Manager. The forthcoming Version 7 of this app has lots of new features for Wear 2.0, but it also needs to be backwards-compatible with Wear 1.x, so I'm looking for testers on both. Specifically, I've had a report of the watch app crashing on the Asus ZenWatch3 - so I'd especially appreciate ZW3 owners to try this out.

I'm happy to hear any feedback, but if you get a crash, I'll need a log from the watch to fix it. You can do that via adb and logcat (if you have those installed), or you can use Wear's bug reporting feature. Which is much harder than it ought to be, but there are good instructions here: In either case, please email it to

If you'd be willing to help, here's the beta link:
...and I'll drop some promo codes in the comments to get you started.

Finally, if you want to know more about Wear App Manager before you start, it's on Google Play here:

Many thanks!

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Does anyone know if notification groups are supported in the final Wear 2.0?

The last mention of them was in the release notes for DP4:
This preview release does not include support for notification groups.
...which sort of implied that the final release would include support for them. I haven't heard anything more, though.

Personally, I found groups quite handy for certain sorts of notifications. If they're not in the final 2.0 release (and they're unlikely to be added to soon), I should probably begin the work of implementing a workaround for their lack. It'd be good to know this.
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