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When viewed from an EEO standpoint, the proposed rule is pretty good news for employers.
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The need to balance an individual's privacy with an adverse party's right to access relevant information is an inherent tension:
Social media in the context of e-discovery is a rapidly evolving area of the law that will continue to have a widespread impact on litigants.
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Niche focused publications are more apt to be cited, shared on #socialmedia and retrieved on Google... #blawg
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Great video on Oregon's paid sick leave law. AKA "Alan Thayer Explains It All!"
Beginning January 1, 2016, all Oregon employers must provide employees up to 40 hours per year of sick time to care for themselves and family members.
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"There are now more Americans renting than at any other time in U.S. history."
There are now more Americans renting than at any other time in U.S. history.
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Emotional support animals are frequent subjects of angst and confusion amongst landlords.
The FHA and ADA allow qualified individuals to keep emotional support animals at a rental property even if the landlord enforces a no pet policy.
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In this economy, even if it's no longer at its worst, residential landlords are finding themselves and their property tied-up in bankruptcy...
Two important exceptions to the "automatic stay" were added by Congress in 2005 for residential leases under Section 362(b) of the Bankruptcy Code.
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Did Ford discriminate by not granting employees' request to telecommute four days a week?
When employers face questions regarding accommodations, determining whether the employee is a qualified individual under the ADA can be complex.
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November is a time for gratitude, and we are grateful for you!
To show our appreciation, we'd love to give you $50 off your registration to a great selection of live seminars:
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If you are planning an website remodel, here are 5 essential elements to include!
So many law firm websites look outdated or poorly designed. To help you improve your site, here are the 5 things visitors want to see on a law firm website.
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Seeing more and more claims about disparate impact in hiring. Be careful indeed! #HR #hiring
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Real people bringing you real value in continuing education.

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Sterling brings education to you, enlisting faculty members from among the most distinguished professionals in your area. We offer live local seminars, eBooks and reference materials on everything from property management to social media at work.

You can attend a Sterling seminar in your own community, earn continuing education credit, and learn what you need to know from people you know and respect, all at a reasonable fee. All attendees receive a bound reference book that will be a valuable resource during and after the seminar. 
These books are available for purchase in print or as eBooks. Audio recordings of the live seminars are also available on CD in our Bookstore

We look forward to serving you.
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