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Various local municipalities and cities throughout the State of Wisconsin are sparking controversy among landlords and tenants with their proposed rental inspection programs...
Landlords face serious financial burdens due to inspection programs, and tenants are concerned about cities and municipalities interfering with their rights.
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Montana Supreme Court says yes, a commercial tenant can prevail against a landlord on a claim of sexual harassment.
In a case of first impression, the Montana Supreme Court determined that a commercial tenant could prevail against a landlord on a claim of sexual harassment.
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The highly controversial rule took effect was to apply to arrangements, agreements, and payments made on or after July 1, 2016.
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What if an employee, who travels as a part of their job, makes a minimal personal stop and is later injured; will their claim be barred?
With the recent Appeals Court decision, employees injured during the course of running personal errands may be able to recover workers' compensation benefits.
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The Whys and Hows of Education and/or Experience Evaluations in the Context of H-1B Visa Preparation and Filing
In order to successfully obtain an H-1B visa, it is mandatory that not only the prospective H-1B employee, but also the proffered position both qualify.
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Will zoning changes affect your property taxes?
Anyone who has a building in which there has been a major neighborhood zoning change should remember that significant additional financial savings may come their way by filing a well-drafted property tax appeal with the Value Adjustment Board.
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Stephanie is the HR Director for her company and she's spent years trying to figure out how to comply with the Affordable Care Act...
The ACA has been with us for six years and many employers continue to struggle with compliance.
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"In a recent decision that disappointed millions of immigrant families, the Supreme Court issued a tied decision in United States v. Texas..."
In 2014 the Obama administration announced an expansion of the Deferred Action program; before it took effect, a coalition of states sued to enjoin the program.
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Recent case demonstrates how crucial it is to know where the burden of proof lies.
Years after injuries lead to the award of total disability, IA Construction filed for an IRE to determine if Rhodes' condition had improved. A dispute ensued...
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Before pushing the termination button on certain drug screen results, include these best practices in your workplace protocol:
Earlier this month, Ohio legalized marijuana for medical purposes, fueling concerns over whether employees are permitted to report to work under the influence.
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"Legal News & Knowledge: June 2016" Our top picks in legal updates from the past month!
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Sterling brings education to you, enlisting faculty members from among the most distinguished professionals in your area. We offer live local seminars, eBooks and reference materials on everything from property management to social media at work.

You can attend a Sterling seminar in your own community, earn continuing education credit, and learn what you need to know from people you know and respect, all at a reasonable fee. All attendees receive a bound reference book that will be a valuable resource during and after the seminar. 
These books are available for purchase in print or as eBooks. Audio recordings of the live seminars are also available on CD in our Bookstore

We look forward to serving you.
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