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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Pregnant Employee:
When Peggy Young became pregnant, she requested that UPS accommodate her doctor's restriction by allowing her to work a light duty job. UPS refused.
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Over 3,100 employers were served with Notices of Inspections last year. How can such an employer prevent a large fine?
The importance of compliance continues to grow as companies realize the negative consequences of violating the Immigration Reform and Control Act.
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New blog post: Security Deposit Potential Pitfalls
Security deposits are not as simple as they may look. Landlords must keep these potential pitfalls in mind when considering additional charges.
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What Should You Do After Sustaining a Work Injury?
To ensure that you receive the benefits you are entitled to under the law, you should file a workers' compensation claim.
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How Laws Are Written So You Ignore the Important Parts
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A broken lock allows a break in and a tenant is harmed. Is the landlord liable?
Absent applicable contractual language on the issue, when is a landlord liable for the criminal acts of a third party toward a tenant on the premises?
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Bernard still loves his job after twenty years. Find out why.
Growing up at my father's law office, I saw the great work he did. Back then I wanted that. I wanted to help others. Twenty years later I still do.
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Interplay Between Bankruptcy and Landlord-Tenant Law
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"If your message isn’t sent to the right audience it’ll feel like spam to whoever gets it"
Badly timed or out of place messages get poor engagement and teach people to ignore you. Before you draw up a messaging strategy answer these 12 questions.
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"Affordable Care Act Preparation for a (New) Large Employer"
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Federal Court Holds that Employer Does Not Have to Remove Essential Job Functions as a Reasonable Accommodation Under ADA
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What happens if the EEOC's proposed regulations defining the “do’s and don’ts” for wellness programs are finalized in their current form
Background The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) generally prohibits employers from requiring current employees to submit to medical examinations or me
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Sterling brings education to you, enlisting faculty members from among the most distinguished professionals in your area. We offer live local seminars, eBooks and reference materials on everything from property management to social media at work.

You can attend a Sterling seminar in your own community, earn continuing education credit, and learn what you need to know from people you know and respect, all at a reasonable fee. All attendees receive a bound reference book that will be a valuable resource during and after the seminar. 
These books are available for purchase in print or as eBooks. Audio recordings of the live seminars are also available on CD in our Bookstore

We look forward to serving you.
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