My first #MacroMonday /+Macro Monday submission (curated by +Kerry Murphy, +Jennifer Eden, and +Kelli Seeger Kim)!!! It is hard for me to post on Mondays, but I have been able to squeeze a few in here and there. This friendly guy rode on the cooler on our boat with us for several miles, leaving plenty of time for me to snap a quick pic ;-)

This also goes out to #DOFMonday /+DOFMonday curated by +Helena Martins, +Mara Acoma, and +Lynda Bowyer, as well as #NatureMonday curated by +Rolf Hicker and +Kate Church.
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Great catch! Beautiful shot.
I've been trying to catch one on my car antenna all week but they fly off too quick.
Thanks +Sonja Miller Williams and +Melody Migas! They are tricky to catch... I've got a few ok captures in my archives. This one stayed so long, I was impressed! It seemed as if the others all knew I was getting a camera ready to point in their face and flew away at even the thought of trying to capture one, but this guy wanted to pose for me ;-)
Very nice shot. Bravo!
Best regards.
It's quite hard to capture a dragonfly. Also, nowadays it is hard to find them here.
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