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Look what I can do! My cast is finally off! Per +Rick Sammon's request, here are a few pics :) Now to keep this dry skin to a minimum and increase my mobility!

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I chose this image for the #PlusOneCollectionIII  , hosted by +Ivan Makarov. I submitted for the category Our Planet. It is titled, "Labriz" because in the language (Seselwa Creole - a French-based language) of Seychelles (location of the shot), it means gentle breeze or gust of wind. This was the last night we were in Seychelles, and it was the most perfect evening. There was a slight breeze that kept us cool in the warm night, the sound of the waves was therapeutic, the colors of the sunset were brilliant, it was so peaceful...

I chose this image because when I think of Our Planet, I like to think of all the good, all the positive, all the beauty. If we are going to ever become the best citizens of the world, everyone needs to start thinking this way, and soon... it starts with +one :)

* I am crossing my fingers for inclusion ;-)

#plusonecollectioniii  +Plus One Collection 
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Thank you kindly, +Rick Sammon! That means a lot to me :)
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HELP! Am I an idiot, or can you use a wrist/hand strap on the left side of your camera? Does one exist? Due to this cast on my right hand, I would like to be able to lift up my camera with my left hand and support most of the weight on that side and still push the shutter release button with my right hand. I will still have a neck strap for security, but need to know what you all would recommend for this?? I am using a Canon 5D Mark III and 7D (and also a tripod ;-) ).... Thanks so much, in advance, for your help!
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Thank you so much for your response, +Ken Owen! I will see what I can rig up. I'll let you know how it turns out :)
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Here is a B&W version of my first attempts at long exposure... This is a slightly different composition, but I thought the monochrome tones worked well. Hope you are all having a fantastic week!

Taken on the island of Mahe, with Silhouette Island in the background in Seychelles.

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Thank you very much, +Vincent Dale! I appreciate it!
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A magical place indeed... The Hoh Rainforest in Washington State is truly an amazing place. Even the government shutdown didn't stop us from trekking amongst all her beauty! We hiked 15 miles that day... an extra 12 that would have been driven had the park been actually open....

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Me too! I have to travel to have the opportunity to experience this magical place :)
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Jarvis Wines was by far our favorite winery we visited while in Napa Valley. It is the only winery that is completely underground in a 45,000 square foot cave (complete with a waterfall used to control humidity), except for the vineyards and the solar panels that are used to run the winery (which are obviously above ground). 100% of the grapes used to make their wines come from the 1,300+ acre estate vineyards. You most likely will not find Jarvis wine in a store or restaurant, they are only sold from their location in Napa Valley, and you must be a member to purchase.

* Due to limited time, and an antsy tour guide, I was not allowed to set up the shot with a tripod, so this was taken with a really high ISO, handheld...

#NapaValley   #NapaValleyWineCountry   #WineCountry   #JarvisWines  
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+Rick Sammon - Thank you! And yes, you must go there! Stay tuned for a pic composite of me without my cast ;-)

+Dominique Dubied - Thank you kindly!
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One of my favorite birds we had the opportunity to see while on safari in the Masai Mara in Kenya. This colorful winged creature is called a Lilac Breasted Roller. Unlike many bird species, the females and males are alike in coloration. The juveniles do not have the long tail feathers like their adult counterparts. This is also the national bird of Kenya.

I love how the golden light of the setting sun gave a warm glow to the scene.

#WildlifeWednesday /+Wildlife Wednesdays/+Mike Spinak/ +Morkel Erasmus  
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#birdpoker / +Phil Armishaw / +Bird Poker - I am probably not playing this hand correctly...
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That IS one of the most colorful birds I've ever seen and shot !
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Happy #FourSeasonsFriday ! Here is a moody one for all of you, in hopes of Mother Nature not being moody anymore about Spring showing its face. We got a little bit of a tease last week here in Iowa with temps reaching the low 50’s, but then the next day it was back in the teens and snowing… Although, I am more OK with Spring taking its time, with this cast on my arm it makes it difficult to get out and capture it all. 

This was taken on a boat tour when visiting San Juan Island, on the waters between Washington State and Canada. 

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+Stephonie A Schmitz well thank you, I'm honoured
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What's worse than not being able to use your dominant hand very well, at all, for: computer work, brushing teeth, getting dressed, putting hair up in a ponytail, showering, shaving, going to the bathroom, waving, driving, writing, etc? Not being able to hold my camera and take pictures..... :( MEH to the next several weeks! Although, I did get some good advice from our friend, +Jay Patel, to do some abstracts... So I guess the moral is, don't give up, just switch it up (whether that's attitude, direction, technique... whatever)! Stay tuned!

* sorry for the "non-artistic" image... I am still figuring out how to adapt to using my camera without breaking it...
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Thank you much, +Dominique Dubied! I will be posting as much as I can... other things have kind of taken a back burner now that I am not able to do them ;-) I appreciate your support!
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A first attempt at long exposure.... I've got work to do, but I am happy with the initial results. I just wish I hadn't waited until the last night in Seychelles to try it out.... I guess that just means we will have to go back :)

This was taken in Seychelles on Mahe Island with Silhouette Island in the distance.

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Thanks, +tahir Ali!
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