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Not everyone can understand or hold space for who you're becoming. That's okay. Be choosy. Your future self depends on it.

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This last week has been challenging and full of change and growing pains, which has made vlogging hard...

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New #DailyVlog showcasing younger me and her artwork :)

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Had the pleasure of interviewing my good friend J about revenue sharing as a business model on the #podcast!

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I talk with @TheMeditationRX about how to build a Five Star Lifestyle Business on the #podcast today!

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I talk with @MattGiovanisci on our Breaking Out of the Business Model Box #Podcast today!

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New #podcast episode with Rosh, Creator of @BlindCafe - learn how he created a unique and successful experiential business!

“Oh, here I am. I am home again.“

This is the thought that always pops into my mind the moment I settle into my workouts. Whether I’m dragging myself into the gym and picking up the weights, lacing up my shoes and going for a run, or simply taking a long walk at the nearby park… Here I am. I am home again.

There’s always a huge sense of relief, a big exhale. There’s no more to do list or emails lingering in my inbox. There’s no more laundry piling up and mail I’ve forgotten to send, again. There’s no deadline looming, designs to finalize, or lines of code to write. There are no calls or voicemails I’ve neglected to listen to.

There’s just me, my music, and movement.
And just like that, I am home again.

I’ve written before about finding myself through movement. How running, lifting weights, and walking all saved my life in their own ways. How they changed my relationship with my body, and eased an obsession that nearly destroyed me.

It wasn’t until I was deep in a conversation about spirituality, awakenings, and creating more alignment and integration in my work, that I realized something else about movement that hadn’t occurred to me.

I struggle to sit down and meditate… to be still.

And you know what? That’s okay.

It’s okay because I have no issue being alone with myself and my thoughts, I actually love to be lost in that space. When I was little I used to love bedtime, because it meant I could close my eyes and just be with my thoughts. I could ponder life and death and everything in between (yes, as a preteen, this is what consumed my mind). And it was the best time of the day, because there were no interruptions. There was only darkness, breath, and myself.

Not being able to sit still and meditate doesn’t mean I’m not able to face myself in the ways that we all need to. It simply means it’s not the meditation style for me.

Truth is, I don’t like to sit and be still and focus on my breath as often as I desire to be in motion. Because motion brings me deeply back into my body in a way that stillness never has. It quiets my mind. And then there’s the music. It amplifies the feelings and emotions and desires that need to surface. It puts me in a space I can’t always describe. Music invites in something so divine and personal and magical.

I feel inspired.
I receive divine downloads.
I have my best ideas.
I make sense of the madness.
I find peace where there’s been pain.
I regain my center.

Most importantly, I settle back into myself.

As I spoke with my coach about knowing it was a big time of integration and alignment for me, she talked about Panache Desai and how he meditates in every moment of every day. When changing diapers and chasing toddlers. There doesn’t need to be a set routine. There’s no right spiritual or meditative practice.

For some it’s prayer. For some it’s sitting on the meditation pillow. For some it’s being in nature or with animals. For some it’s gardening. For some it’s coloring in a coloring book. For some, and for me, it’s movement.

The beauty of our spiritual practices is that they’re ours to define, because they’re tied so closely to our personalities, beliefs, lifestyle, and needs. We get to decide what fits and what doesn’t. We get to explore and play and experience the divine in our own way. We get to call it by the name that most resonates.

And so instead of worrying that I don’t spend “enough time on the meditation pillow”, I put on my shoes, pop in my earbuds, and I move in the ways my body craves. And every single time, I come home to myself. Every single time, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated and reconnected to something greater than myself.

So tell me, what is your meditation practice?

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One of the biggest mistakes made when starting a business is modeling too closely, or flat out copying, whichever big name coach or business owner is already making money in our market.

We look at their success and think, “I just have to do what they’re doing to make money and be successful like them.” But, it’s not that simple. Their offerings, business model, and audience is working for them because it’s their business. Just because it works for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

My clients constantly ask me for a blueprint of how I run my business, structure my programs and packages, and plan my marketing. I always tell them the same thing: What works for me won’t necessarily work for you, so it’s better to start off with a model and offerings that really light you up!

When I first started my business, I modeled the “online business” structure too closely, and I ended up being very unhappy with what I’d created and the clients I was attracting. I also wasn’t able to really show up in my business, and that left me feeling stressed and unfulfilled. Since I stepped away from the standard, I created two offerings that bring me so much joy, and provide such a needed service to my audience. More importantly, I work with amazing people that I absolutely love.

Learn how to create your unique business vision:

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Midway through an acupressure session a friend and I were doing together, on a step about forgiveness, his face appeared in my mind. A face I swore up and down I never wanted to see again. A person I swore would never be allowed in my life in any capacity. But in that moment, all I wanted to do was pick up the phone and thank him profusely for the gift that was our time together.

To thank him for being who he was, the ways he (and my choosing to be with him) hurt me, and to let him know how much I deeply love and appreciate him. To hug him tight and thank him from the bottom of my heart and soul.

This is what the work is about.

Healing. Forgiveness. Love. Openness. Truth. Peace.

Getting ourselves to a point where life feels so amazing that we want to laugh and cry at the same time (something I’ve found myself doing lately). Where we look at the people and experiences that nearly broke us and give a genuine, full body and heart felt thank you. Where we feel an intense, overwhelming sense of gratitude.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Thank you to those who hurt me, breaking me wide open, so I can experience love more fully. Thank you rock bottom for grounding me so I can stand taller. Thank you rejection for guiding me to the right people and experiences. Thank you loneliness for giving me the capacity to appreciate connection, and the desire to brave depth. Thank you sadness, pain, and depression for deepening the range in which I can experience joy, happiness, and fulfillment. Thank you to the lost years for prompting me to find myself and my passion.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Thank you in advance to those who will hurt or reject me in the future. To the hard times, challenges, failures, and mistakes. Thank you to the unavoidable struggles and road blocks that will litter the path of bringing my dreams to life. Thank you to all the people and experiences that will crack me open again and again, because loss, heartbreak, and pain will only open me further to the beauty of this life.

As I settle further into myself and my truth, open my heart more fully to others, and step more deeply into the work I’m here to do, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for every. single. thing. I’ve been through in this life.

I wouldn’t be able to love so fully, deeply, and passionately had I not experienced the losses I’ve experienced. I wouldn’t be able to smile so big, laugh so hard, and feel so absolutely in love with life had I not been cut so deeply over the years. I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the business I’ve built and the work I get to do had I not struggled so hard to get things off the ground. Had I not failed miserably more times than I can count. I wouldn’t be so fully and completely myself, and comfortable in who that is, had I not gotten so disconnected in the first place.

I understand it doesn’t feel this way when you’re going through it.

Usually it just feels hard, exhausting, and deflating.

I get that. Believe me, I get that.

But that’s why it’s so important to continue doing the work.

Questioning everything and everyone in your life, and only allowing the people and things that really light you up to stay. Challenging yourself to continue growing emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Never getting too comfortable or letting yourself fall into ruts. Doing the things that scare the crap out of you. Being willing to get more and more vulnerable with the people in your life. Following your whims and passions and letting them guide you towards the life and work you’re meant to have/do. Speaking your truth, especially when it’s hard and scary. Forgiving people, even if they’re never allowed back in your life. Healing the layers as they come up.

People who meet me today assume I’m just one of those shiny, happy people who didn’t have to overcome any obstacles… but really, that’s so far from the truth. I can tell you story after story of failure, epic mistakes, hurt, suffering, pain, depression, and struggle. The light, joy, passion, and love I exude today comes from many years of darkness.

And whether your darkness is the same, worse, or less intense than mine doesn’t matter. We all struggle. We all get hurt. We all make mistakes. And all these things deepen our capacity for amazing love, joy, passion, and fulfillment, if we’re willing to do the work.
Consistently. Even when it’s hard. Especially when it seems like all we do is take one step forward, and five crashing steps backwards.
Especially then.

Don’t give up.

Keep doing the work.

Buy the books, take the course, hire the coach. Talk to your friends, journal it out, go for a run. Cry, scream, laugh. Take a self care timeout, then get back up and try again. Where I am today is a result of never giving up, never stopping the work.

What will you do today?
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