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Another classic. Enjoy the listen. 
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A picture of my Galaxy Nexus used as a baby monitor in the nursery.

+Eric Peterson
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That's awesome!! Totally doing this
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Well, if that's not reason enough to download this game, I just don't know what is. 
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Great game! Highly recommend it!
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Honestly, they couldn't have picked a worse actress to play in any type of role that requires emotions.

Also, I have not read 1984 yet but to my understanding it was not written as a romantic novel.
"It's about love in a world where love really doesn't exist anymore."
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This is more than a little disheartening.
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Oh HELL no. +T-Mobile is not this stupid. If they bought sprint though... That would be awesome.
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A classic for free on the Play Store. Can't pass up that opportunity. 
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I use this app as a baby monitor with TinyCam Monitor PRO as a receiver. Works wonderfully.

If you're an Android user and have a child, save yourself the $250 or so and go this route.

IP Webcam turns your phone into a network camera with multiple viewing opti...
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Didn't notice the #chromecast support in the previous update. Nice to know I can stream the baby monitor to my TV in the living room now. 
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Sounds good. :)
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There's been a lot of reorganizing at my home recently, seeing as my wife is pregnant and her mother is coming to stay with us for a little while. So we've been moving things around and making room and we decided to move my desk to the living room. Finally being able to use my computer again (it was pretty buried under random stuff in the "office") it reminded me of my job working as a computer "tech" when I was younger, assembling PCs for customers. Indeed that shop was where I built my current PC. Reminiscing about it has made me want to build another one, so I spent some time on Newegg looking at some hardware. This post will serve as my wishlist for a new PC.

Graphics card:

My goal in a new PC would be for as much future proofing as I can while keeping costs relatively reasonable considering I don't have millions of dollars to spend on a new PC every two to three years.

I think at this point that I can forego purchasing a new hard drive, as my current 500GB is suiting me just fine. I also have a LightScribe DVD burner in it that I don't know if I need to replace. I'd thought that getting a Blu-ray drive for my PC might be kind of nice, but I have a Blu-ray player already, and I don't really watch movies on my PC (I have a 46" LCD TV and 5.1 surround sound for that). I have to look into new cases and probably a heatsink and fan for the CPU still, but this gets me started anyway.
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h/t to RD for the photo.
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I am who I am, and that's not likely going to change any time soon
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First time here and loving it.
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