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Life, The Universe and Pizza!
Life, The Universe and Pizza!

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cleared for take off
911 GT3 RS
Assetto Corsa

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Assetto Corsa Porsche pack III GT3 R at Spa

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Having my own little Grand Tour at Spa with +Porsche 918 +Ferrari LaFerrari and +McLaren P1

Assetto Corsa

So a month ago I needed a new, quality laptop (old Macbok died). My options were a Pixel or another Macbook. It took seconds to see the Pixel was about to be killed off and despite my love of ChromeOS (still have two great Samsung 550's) it's still not an OS that is suitable for 'touch' - in other words Google yet again provide something almost right, but flawed. Then kill it with no replacement.

I bought a new Macbook :)

Now looking at a new tablet for Christmas, perhaps the Pixel C has been fixed and is actually viable now. Previously owned Nexus 7 (both vintages) and a Nexus 10. Quick check and it looks like the second rate performance and issues have all be resolved, great :)

But its an Android tablet, andthere are hardly any 'tablet' apps, yet again (and this has been this bad forever with android tablets) Google are so close, yet still so far away!

New iPad Air2 ordered :)

So, +Google that's two 'premium' Google devices that I was ready to buy, I live in the Google ecosystem and I don't want to move out of it. So why do you continue to not understand product management and getting it right?

My Nexus 6 is soon going to be up for replacement, should I even bother looking at the Pixel phones, which I am only hearing great things about, or just give in to the inevitable and order an iPhone 7?

You couldn't be bothered to launch Google Home outside the US so I bought an Amazon Echo, that's 3 lost sales and all the associated eco system buy in, all because you can not manage a product portfolio and make it work!

I'll spare you the joke of Android Wear, it wasn't very funny anyway. Suffice to say it's a Garmin that's strapped to my wrist now.

So it looks like 2.2 is shaping up to have little of something for everyone and sound slike it will be enough to bring me back to check it out when it goes live, good time to get back into ED and bring myself up to speed with things that have changed,

Which sort of brings me to the lack of any announcement of a new season, or have I missed it? I think Horizons was teased back in August, so it doesn't feel like there is going to be a Season 3 to round out the year. From the look of it development has been pretty slow this year, I'd say it feels as if Season 2 is between 6 and 9 months behind where I thought it would be at this point

Why all the fuss about a 'possible' Pixel 3 in 12 months time that 'might' run some unconfirmed hybrid operating system? Google need to DELIVER on its most recent (and previous) sets of promises, right now it's getting dragged into a 'no products so let's hype' cycle, which overall is only going to damage the brand, further.

The new phones, whatever they are called, so far sound like the only actual 'upgrade' will be the price, which might be all that is needed to get Apple fans to buy them, certainly nothing much else seems to have worked.

Tablets for Android are still a real let down across the board and you really need to be in love with Google and Android to not just buy an iPad unless you're an edge case user, unless Google actually tackle this with devices that work, well its another iPad Christmas for everyone.

Laptops, I myself am in the market for a new laptop, and as much as the Pixel 2 seems to appeal the only logical decision is a MacBook, this is quite ridiculous, but there you have it. If the Pixel 2 was half the price (or twice the price) I still couldn't convince anyone to buy one, no mater how much I like it.

The new Google Home Assistant is really the only interesting bit of new tech from big G, but they have been soundly beaten to market my Amazon (of all people) with their Echo range of devices, despite showing strong at IO this year its been business as usual from Google and no information or news at all, so a launch on the 4th might happen, but it might also meet a lot of 'who cares, we all bought an Echo?' and lets be honest Googles track record with new tech and hardware using clever software is typically a mess of bad product design, poor management and hopeless execution smeared with the 'we will keep on updating and making it better' because making it work on day one is just too much hard work, really, isn't it?

The 'data grab' which we accept based on having decent products; gmail, Google docs, search, etc, etc. Only works if those products stand tall, they now just seem dated. In my opinion if there was ever clear signs of a business lost at sea, it's Google and everything else it does other than main line search.

I look at my own personal eco-system over the last 18 months; Android, Chromebook, Chrome, Android Wear and the things that have happened and Im left wondering why on earth I dont just give in and buy Apple for the lot. Google is becoming more and more like them, its not open, its just building the same walled garden but the grass looks greener over there...

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