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Here's why I like e-books: you can read to your child in the dark at bedtime. Or in my son's case, he can read to me.

(This was shot with the tablet at its dimmest setting -- very hard to lock autofocus on his face, and it's a noisy image at f2.8, 1/50 sec, ISO 25,600 using the Sigma 70-200mm zoom.)
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And ruin your eyesight at the same time!
Not if done in moderation. +Stephen Shankland your adventures with your son remind me of the Galaxy Nexus ad. Its really something special.
+Kai Marshland That's the Nexus 7, which I like quite a lot. First Android tablet I pick up over and over again. Of course I read a lot and it's particularly well suited to that with one-handed use very easy. Maybe the forthcoming iPad Mini (or whatever it'll be called) will do better, but I like it a lot.
That's a nice shot. I like reading on my iPad but it's definitely not something you would want to just hold unsupported for any length of time. I'm interested in checking out the new Kindle. I have an old Kindle 2 and the dark grey on light grey is something I find I don't really care to read on by preference.
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