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Really, +Gmail? People want to mark e-mail as read or unread more than they want to delete it? I find that aspect of the ergonomics of the new Gmail Android app ill suited to my needs.
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It's easy enough to add the delete button back if you want it. It's in settings.
Try going to Settings->General Settings->Archive & Delete Actions and select "Show archive & delete".
I use the read/unread button a lot more often than the delete button!! 
+Fraser Smith +David Stallard Yes, thanks, I know, I did that. But why make me? And why did I have to search for instructions? And why did I have to randomly poke round to figure out what the mark read/unread button does?

I'm baffled. Is there some pent-up demand for marking e-mail unread? It seems like a really bizarre choice to me. I know Google wants me to archive everything forever but I don't want to do that with the piles of garbage e-mail I get. Surely Google has piles of UI analytics data that shows what people do, but I guess I'm surprised at the defaults they chose to expose in the UI.
+Rodrigo Camacho You're a freak! Deviant! I don't like your kind!

Kidding. But I use mark unread maybe once or twice a year. I use delete maybe 100 or 200 times a day, and archive probably about that much. I handle most of my e-mail on a PC, where I just use the keyboard shortcut for archiving, deleting, and marking spam, but I still do quite a lot with my phone.
I'm glad Gmail app now makes the way I've worked for years easier. Except that it is not my main mail account :-) I use the unread state as an simple to do system. 
No, I use stars for important stuff I need to be able to find (much) later. I've been warped by 10 years of Opera Mail usage, so I'm glad that mobile clients don't mess up that work flow so much any more :-) 
My wife want to go back to the previous version og GMail, but can't ...
I second +Rodrigo Camacho . the delete button I only use to bulk delete already prefiltered mail that has never gotten in my inbox. The read/unread button is used much more in my mailbox
I don't think I have ever used the delete button. Either I mark them as read or send it to archive!
+Ashok Pon Kumar I get a ton of garbage in my Google work inbox, and my personal one gets lots of stuff I don't want to keep forever. I'm worried about running into capacity limits (and the ever-slower Gmail search function) so I delete the stuff I don't want. All the marginally important stuff goes to the archive, though.
I agree completely with you
I think they are trying to guide us to archive the email rather than deleting it.
I believe this should be a personal choice and they should give us the option to decide what is best for us
+Stephen Shankland you can get the delete button too by changing the setting.

I presume that most people just archive their emails hence this was left as default.
Personally I only ever delete spam, never know what you might want to search for later... 
That's weird, I never lost the delete button. And I've been using swipe to delete since it was available. 
+Stephen Shankland I am having problems with the new app refreshing my mail even when I manually refresh it. When I pull up Gmail on my laptop messages appear that aren't in my mobile inbox. 
Did you know you can just slide the emails you don't want off the screen to delete them? Its pretty darn quick to do imo
Rob A
+Stephen Shankland
I agree.  why is it when ever google updates anything they always make it a treasure hunt to make you find your way in setting things back to the way they were.  When you dL the app just a few simple questions to set everything up the way YOU like, not make me go to settings and tweak it.  First it was google music and know this, slowly they are becoming the evil empire and schmidt must be stopped
+Rob A Any number of times I've seen Google give pop-up mini-tours of the new version of product XYZ. I quite like it. This new Gmail app was disappointing in that regard. I only figured out the read/unread button when I tried long-pressing on it and it showed a little tip. Quizzes to set things up are kind of old-school. These days tech companies think they know best (often with good reason) and just give you the new experience. Sometimes giving people choices just makes things thorny and complicated and not necessarily better.
+Britt Yazel What version do you have? (Settings -> about Gmail) I'd rather have slide-to-delete but for me it's slide-to-archive.
+Stephen Shankland If the archive/delete selection is delete only, then it becomes slide-to-delete. For the other two option it defaults to Archive. (Probably they should have separated the slide functionality from the button/icon option) 
4.5-694836 I just had to toggle the option from "archive only" to "delete only"
I had it set up for slide to delete before the app update so that's probably why I didn't lose the delete. I do like the new slide out panel for inboxes and labels. And just accidentally found that pulling down refreshes the inbox. Or maybe that's always done that?

I had the same reaction...where did the Delete button go? Some time in the Settings relieved my concern. I also miss the checkbox, although I figured out that a long-press "activates" the selection of multiple messages. I think these changes are great if you figure out they are there. But if you're somewhat uninitiated, this is not a great change experience.
I think the message view labels button was replaced with marks as unread. I don't see a setting to change that back. 
I don't understand the problem. Under general settings I can check swipe to delete. and then a swipe does just that: it deletes a message 
You are not alone. I don't know what Google was thinking. As to whether or not to trust Google's judgment over your own... qll I'm saying is that that's how the robot take-over begins.
+Britt Yazel +Tamás N +Josh Goldman So if you have Settings --> Archive and delete actions set to "Show archive and delete," swipe will archive but not delete. I need both archive and delete options since I use both frequently. If you have it set to "Delete only," then swipe will delete.
I simply want the check box back, so I can do multiple deletions at once. 
You can still do multiple deletions at once. Just tap the big icon to the left of each message. It functions just like the checkboxes did.
Thanks. I didn't know that, and they sure didn't advertise that option. They really should make it clear to users on how to tweak all the settings, when they put out new updates. 
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