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I like the new Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, despite the fact that it's less convenient to reach than the old Fira for Mobile World Congress. There's a huge red hotel tower next to it that looks either like thousands of giant red licorice sticks or maybe a giant Dune sandworm reaching for the skies. With +Jessica Dolcourt and +Roger Cheng. #MWC   #MWC13  
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Was there a few months ago for VMworld - and didn't like it at all, way too far spread out, and some pretty strong architectural mistakes (like allowing basically no room to stand in front of the keynote halls - at least the ones used at VMworld - while the elevators directly lead there, which could potentially be pretty dangerous)
+Andreas Proschofsky Eww, yuck. I remember nearly being trampled to death at the old Fira before keynotes because of the anxious crowd pushing to get into a Steve Ballmer keynote a couple years ago. They didn't learn from their mob-management mistakes?
+Stephen Shankland Obviously not :-( But the new Fira is pretty big, so maybe the keynotes are going to be in another part than the one that were used at VMworld...
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