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Good cop, bad cop: two antitrust regulators who'll influence Google's antitrust future. Joaquin Almunia from the EC has been a vocal critic of Google's market dominance, and Joshua Wright has been a big Google ally.
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really??? A "Commissioner of Competition"?
it was interesting to note that Joshua Wright discovered that BING does more preferential search results than Google, making the anti-trust question rather moot.
+Glenard Munson Re. commissioner of competition, don't be too surprised. It's analogous to a secretary position in the U.S. Cabinet. In the U.S., there are five FTC commissioners.

Re. Bing being even more preferential, no, that doesn't make it moot necessarily. Under antitrust law, a dominant company might not be allowed to do something that non-dominant companies may do. Wright's point is that if everybody does it, it makes it harder to claim that the particular action illegally maintains your monopoly since there's evidently a business reason to do it. But that's hardly a legal judgment made by commissioners, courts, or other judicial processes.
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