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Evidently the icon switch did the trick in restoring +Mohamed Mansour's Extended Share for Google+ (and 20 other social networks) Chrome extension. It seems to me Google had a legitimate beef with the earlier version's icon, but they sure could have done a better job explaining things before unceremoniously whacking it.
Just released Extended Share for Google+ 4.0, and it is back!
Just got accepted back into the Web Store Gallery

With this update, it brings it adds support for +Dalton Caldwell's, so it now has 21 networks that you can share to instead of just Google+. Including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Other small bug fixes were deployed as well and it supports the new extension security guidelines (manifest 2)

Download from the gallery:
Source code on GitHub:

This Chrome extension was the first extension made for Google+, it had grew to 120K users, but then it was pulled out :( Even though it now has 120 users, I brought it back to life on my way train ride back home :)
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Yea, thanks to +G. Hussain Chinoy who created the icon for me!

I just lost 120K users from this whole miscommunication from Google. If it was a business, I would have been sad :/

If you would like any more features, perhaps I should start doing automation, let me know, would love to include it in the next revision :)
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