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Re. Chrome packaged apps (, Bruce Lawson at Opera is grouching about interoperability:  "...they have announced their own non-standards-based proprietary Packaged Apps format. Hurray for interoperability." "Chrome's proprietary Packaged Apps. It's almost as if the Chrome team don't read my blog and do everything I say."

Google sent me this statement about working on standards for packaged apps: "We are working on making web apps as capable as native apps -- and this requires changes in the way we think about the runtime and the security model in place for web pages. We're discussing those changes in the W3C system applications working group so we have a unified model for web apps."

That working group:
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"grouching"?! Me?!?  Most uncharacteristic of me. Just jetlag, I assure you.
Oops, sorry, I meant "offering constructive criticism in his characteristically lighthearted, breezy manner." :)
+Richie Stockholm Not really -- mostly a step toward making Chrome OS more competitive. Because Google promises Web apps will run on mobile, though, it could in the long run link up with Android. For now, Android has a completely different set of programming tools and interfaces. Google accounts for purchasing apps span the two ecosystems, though, and that's not to be discounted as a significant underpinning for Google's plans.
Completely aware that the technology platforms are very different, but by providing this capability usage patterns can begin to merge to some degree.  If nothing else this can prepare customers for when the merge is made much further down the road.  

This approach is similar to Microsoft's approach with Windows 8.
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