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Here I am with a gaggle of +CNET folks at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which technically doesn't start until Monday but in practice started a couple weeks ago from a journalism perspective. Mobile phone phrenzy!
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Dude, where you come from?
Soon I will be able to get my non-geeky friends and family to move over to Google+ from Facebook because it will be a lot easier to share photos and videos via Google glass....this is assuming they are geeky enough to wear one in the first place.
Steve take a break from all the cool smartphone stuff at look at the boring LTE release 10 network demos and see what I have been spending the last 3 years of my life working on.
PLS SEND URL. LTE release 10? I'm not up on the nitty gritty.

Sure is good to have Qualcomm in the fold, even if the spectrum is fragmented into a million slivers across the planet.
Awesome, thanks. What's a hetnet? What's the difference between a picocell and femtocell? I'm guessing picocells cover larger areas but not sure.

If a picocell is dormant, how can it detect a phone coming into range?

I was not aware you could use LTE for backhaul, too. Doesn't that use up the electrons in the air faster? :)

hetnet is heterogeneous network as opposed to homogeneous networks. A hetnet is comprised of a bunch of different power cells.

Macrocell is a traditional cell that covers many square kilometers.
micro, pico and fempto are imprecise terms for lower and lower power cells that cover smaller and smaller areas. The idea being that you put down small cells inside the large macro cell to increase coverage for specific areas that need it.

A pico can send signals announcing where it is at a very low rate thus using little average bandwidth and if a phone is in range it can signal to the network and the pico is turned on to service that phone.

TD vs TDD. I am not sure what the difference is if any. Marketing terms tend to be created and used after we have things working in the test deployments. But for the picos etc to work inside the macros the network does need to allocate time slots for transmission between the macros and smaller cells within the macros so that might be what they mean by TD vs TDD.

As for LTE backhaul is does use up the spectrum more than wired backhaul. Getting the wires to the cells is expensive and for some cells and situations especially in older cities prohibitively expensive. So it makes sense to use LTE as a backhaul to some cells to give better coverage to an area where you can't dig up the streets to get a wired network installed.

Did you get a chance to see the booth or were you to busy looking at cool phones?
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