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New work is afoot to make +Google's #WebP image format a better alternative to animated GIF. Who knew this would become an artistic medium?
Latest on animated WebP images, Urvang Joshi, 11/28/12 5:43 PM, Hi all, You guys have shown a lot of interest around animation support in WebP and how to make use of it. So, here's the latest: Recentl...
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is there any other letters in the alphabet Google isnt going to put Web in front of and make it a new web standard?
Still no support in the Android IDE, Eclipse + ADT as of March, 2013!
+Joseph Lee I wonder if they're waiting for the format to bake more first... It's a big chicken-and-egg thing, but adopting new standards or technologies always comes with some risk of breakage. 
+Stephen Shankland I think it's classic left-hand/right-hand Google ADHD.

Android from ICS+ supports webp on the devices, but their reference developer tool (Eclipse) doesn't. No response from their Twitter account, no response from their individual developer blogs. No insight on XDA.

It's another hilarious and classic example of Google failing to follow-through.
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