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+Google has taken +Mozilla Firefox's side in the debate over permitting competitive third-party browsers on Windows RT (the version for ARM). That's a powerful ally if they help Mozilla press its case.
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I don't see chrome or Firefox on the iPhone. But I do see opera mobile. What's the big deal. Write a cripple ware version like opera has.
Windows is different than Apple, and should continue to be.

Microsoft has the opportunity to differentiate itself from Apple in the tablet market, but instead they are coming from way behind and trying to be exactly like them. They'll never catch them this way. They must think they'll be holding onto to existing Windows users with this strategy, but sadly many of those users will have already bought an iPad and will see no reason to "go back" to Windows.

This is exactly my situation as a longtime Windows user. I've patiently waited for MS to have a PC-Tablet-Phone line (perhaps even beating Apple in this regard) but I think Windows 8 will be a serious mis-step.

For now, I'm sticking with Win7 and iPad for the foreseeable future. It's the best combo for me.
Good to see, way to go Google. And never give up Mozilla. Microsoft, perhaps it is time to reconsider?
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