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+Netflix and +Google are working to bring Netflix's streaming video Chrome app to ARM-based Chromebooks. (It already works on Intel models.) #NaCl
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I desperately want Netflix support but I fear this is still months away.
+Robert Caldecott In principle I think it's a pretty easy port to build the ARM version. Problems could include decoding performance on the ARM chip, quality assurance, and the possibility that +Netflix might skip the ARM version of NaCl and go straight to the PNaCl version that's not yet available in Chrome or Chrome OS (except for experimental use).
You can just play Netflix in the web browser right?
Amazon works. I guess that makes amazon better. 
Yet it still doesn't work on Linux. How many excuses are they going to use when they support every Linux device except the actual operating system. 
+Rich White The relatively locked-downedness of Linux inside Kindles, Android phones, and Chrome OS is what makes it easier for Google. Ubuntu/Debian/Red Hat/whatever, running on very diverse hardware, is a lot harder to support. The commercial success of consumer-oriented Linux devices generally has been with approaches that consign Linux to some low level where most developers don't actually touch it.
Scientists are working on a cure for cancer. WHEN, BOY, WHEN! 
This is a big reason that folks are pursuing encrypted media extensions in the web standards communities.  With such capabilities part of the web platform, it won't be necessary for Netflix to rely on Silverlight, or on proprietary plugins on CrOS, to distribute their content.
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