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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: an Android tablet in the US due to ship in the second quarter for an as-yet undisclosed price. But in other countries, it'll be sold a a gigantic phablet. Don't let the photos mislead you about the size: +Eric Franklin has really long fingers and this thing is large. #MWC   #MWC13  
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If I could call on my tablet, would I keepu phone?
+Bud Gibson Because by most people's standards you'd look like a dork holding one of those to your ear, and you can't fit it in your pants pocket. But I hear they're popular in Hong Kong with women who carry phones in handbags. Maybe it's time for a man purse!
I will point out, for the record, that you currently reside in the land of the man purse.

I actually miss typed above (from bed). I think I would dump my phone if my 7" tablet could act as one. Just use a headphones speaker combo.
I have a backpack that barely meets carryon baggage limits. No man purse for me! Not enough room for lenses. 
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