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An anti-fragmentation clause it the term of Google's programming toolkit for Android developers. I could be wrong, but I doubt forks of the SDK are the top fragmentation concern in the Android world. At least Google is trying to deal with this issue, though.
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I'm not understanding this "fragmentation" issue. I don't see a lot of people taking the Android source, and making it incompatible. If they're talking about operating system version compatibility, well, that's the problem of the application writer -- if you write your app so it's not backwards-compatible, well, then that's what you've done.
I hear a lot from developers who have a hard time getting their apps working on lots of different phones. Different OS revs and different hardware. Whenever I talk to somebody who wrote a mobile app, I ask about it, and they all say dealing with Android is a pain. But no, I don't about hear developers forking the Android code base itself. 
Seems to me like Google ought to have plenty of people able to describe the problem. Sometimes, the difficulty is getting a good description of the problem. That sounds like it's not the case here. So why is a solution so difficult?
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