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Chrome 22 will drop support for Mac OS X 10.5 aka Leopard. It's from 2007, but I bet a lot of people are still using it. Also coming in Chrome 21 are support for gamepad controllers, microphones, and built-in cameras.
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OMG fragmentation in Mac land? ;)
As the software advances, older OS's don't have the capabilities, so developers must either make compromises, or drop support of the older OS, it's a perfectly normal part of the computer lifeycle... try running Office 2010 on a Windows 95 Pentium 2 :D Of course, with the rapid releases of mobile phone OSes, especially Android, developers have to play catchup most of the time!
For the most part, its all about eye-candy. Core functions don't need lots of horsepower or up-to-the-minute OS's. But of course nobody makes money off stuff you already own, do they?
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