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Roger Cicala of really likes the Sigma 35mm f1.4 lens based on preliminary testing. "This lens kicks butt, takes names, and basically posterizes the manufacturers who make the cameras this lens will fit on."
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He only had one copy, but it was sharper than any of the 35/1.4L's he's ever tested.

I have to say that the 35/1.4L has been one of my worst photographic purchases. I got it for the supposed quality and because I was going to be moving to FF. Of course, the latter never happened and honestly, I really preferred the look and IQ of my Sigma 30/1.4. But I have too much pride to buy a new one, and, of couse, I am going FF as soon as Canon gets back in the game...
Oh, there are a million stellar reviews of the 35/1.4L. That's why I got it. It's just that for portraiture on a crop the Sigma 30 is nicer. Super sharp in the center with a nice "look." The Canon is a better landscape lens, but only on FF and only if you travel to landscapy places and take pictures at landscapy times, which I don't so much.
Sell it and use the proceeds to buy a vacation to some place landscapy. Oh wait.
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