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36 cores isn't enough for your chip? Try 72. Tilera's new Gx72 processor isn't for mainstream computing, but more and more server work happens on special-purpose machines. This chip is designed for network chores such as scrutinizing network packets, checking for network intrusions, and streaming video.
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And here I was thinking it was destined for a mobile device (not entirely tongue in cheek)
Interesting.. Really Interesting. Wonder how it stacks up against the current players i.e. Intel, AMD and Nvidia
+Ody Mbegbu Probably pretty competitive, but in a relatively narrow niche. For general-purpose computing, probably not competitive.
Threads are like cigarettes. If you got 'em, smoke 'em.

By the way, there is nothing new under the sun. In 2004 Cisco announced the CRS-1 router. It was powered by many copies of a custom SoC, each of which contained 192 32b Xtensa processors. And I'm sure we weren't the first to go this way.
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