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Seems like we're moving from bitcoin mining to mining bitcoin mining. Spend $1,300 to manufacture your own money.
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Yep, it kills the entire concept. Mining should remain hard, unavailable to everyone.
But how much does it mine per hour?
+Ben Anderson No idea, though given bitcoin's design, the number decreases. My point is not necessarily whether the device is worth it or not, but more that as with Levi Strauss, the more lucrative business might be selling tools the miners than actually being a miner.
True enough. I guess if a guy thinks he can pull in that much over the course of a couple of months it's worth the money...but you make a good point on the Levi Strauss thing. 
If Butterfly labs thought that you could make money with this box minting bitcoins they would not be selling them. They would be using these boxes to mine bitcoins for themselves. This is not like selling tools to miners. Miners use the tools plus a lot of labor, specialized knowledge and additional capitol expenditure to mine gold. There is none of that extra labor, skill or money needed to get the bitcoins from the box.

Steve do you know anything about Butterfly labs? The linked website does not inspire confidence and general web searches make the company sound extremely sketchy.
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