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Samsung's hero phone vs HTC's hero phone. My advice: look at the handset maker's OS update policy and track record before you spring for an Android phone.
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Surely you mean the carrier's update policy and track record, since the ICS debacle has exposed carriers as the foot-draggers with respect to handset updates? 
Expandable memory size and removable battery (i think you cannot remove battery in One X) is enough for me to pick GS 3. As for iPhone, as much as its slick and neat, its not for me as I don't like the idea of talking to my phone, I love widgets and i like the word 'customization' and options to try out different ROMs which saves me from getting bored with my "new" phone after 6 months.
Carriers don't want you to upgrade your handset's software, they want to lock you down for another two years in return for replacing the handset itself, and denying us updates has been an effective tactic for churning those contracts. 
Which is the main selling point of buying an Android phone that is not skinned, and unlocked. Looking forward to the day when there is more than one choice per year, and rumor has it Google will be rolling this out by EOY. 
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