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Microsoft's preview version of IE10 for Windows 7 is out. I wonder if Microsoft's IE update rate will accelerate to match Mozilla and Google?
Big under-the-hood changes are coming for Internet Explorer on Windows 7 as the first IE10 release candidate hits the street. Read this article by Seth Rosenblatt on CNET.
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i have used ie10,seemly there is no any chorme is best and i love
Oh, there are plenty of changes in IE10, notably in support for many newer Web standards. I use Chrome mostly, but just yesterday with a massive Google Docs document, Chrome (dev version) choked and would barely run when IE10 handled it with no trouble at all. Usually I hate Google Docs and IE, but this time it was the way to go.
I use Chrome more or less out of habit at this point. And I'm unlikely to use IE seriously because my laptop, where I do most of my browsing, is a Mac. But I have a feeling there isn't a huge amount to choose between the major browsers at this point (platform compatibility for IE aside).
I don't have IE10 yet. tank's for you information. 
I will try to learn about.
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