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Michael Dell in 1997, regarding what he'd do if he ran Apple: "What would I do? I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders."
When asked how to fix Apple, the head of Dell offers a rather drastic solution: Close it and return the shareholders' money. A CNET article by Jai Singh, Staff Writer, CNET Published on Octo...
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lol they were worried about apple's servers. that's cute
yeah, its fun to go through old articles and read "Windows Vista: The best thing to happen to Microsoft"
It wasn't a bad idea in '97. No one could have predicted iPhone back then.
Dell is no oracle.  He is just a stock cheat and anti-trust participant.
I'm sorry Dell, you lost your credibility when you sold me a sh**ty desktop that hadn't even been tested before you shipped it.  Apple may be pricey, but it sounds like they have a pretty good grasp on quality hardware.  In short, Dell, bite me.
There was a time prior to his return that Jobs probably felt the same way, based on comments he made in interviews. 
and look what a disaster Dell has become...
Jay A
Dell? Last time I used a Dell was 2003. A brand new desktop and broke down after 1 year!
Dell is for noobs and state governments, who hire noobs. 
The Dell I'm forced to use at work has duct tape holding the case together
Knowing Michael during that time frame I can see him making that brash statement. 
Matt H
Michael Dell is a douchebag.  He needs to worry about his own company right now.  I think Microsoft's going to maneuver him out of this reorganization, if he isn't careful.
+Eli Fennell The iphone didn't save Apple. The ipod did, and it came a few short years after 97. It goes to show you how short sighted a lot of business ppl are. If Dell was running Apple, we wouldn't have all these glorious lawsuits lol
+Matt Hydeman This was 1997.  I'm sure he's realized that it's time to worry about his own company since then.
and he was right, Apple is in a sad place now.
Matt H
+Drew Nusser - given his consistent arrogance, I wouldn't be so sure.  But yes, I'm aware it was in '97. =) 
Don't need to be right all the time to be a billionaire I guess is the moral of the story.
Apple should do it too, right now. Stock market lost confidence, it is trading below 10 p/e, any smaller company would have no trouble getting the loan to buy out investors at that price. 
Who would sell now?   They are holding out and hoping the stock price will recover.  But, secretly they are being prepared for "slaughter". 
This is making the rounds again, huh?  Say something stupid, be mocked for a day.  Say something stupid on the internet, and you will be mocked forever.
Didn't Steve Jobs say in 1994:
"The PC wars are over. Done. Microsoft won a long time ago."
1997 was before they came back. Similar to research in motion people had Apples obituary ready. Then came the iMac.
Also if you buy high end Dell stuff its great. If you buy the $150 back to school special, you get what you pay for. 
If you'd come to me in 1997 and said "I'm from the future! Buy Apple stock!"  I would have said that the strongest evidence you were lying was your incredibly bad advice.

So while it is funny... how was he supposed to know?
If this was the true answer from Mr. Dell, then it can only be from a competitive point of view.  Businessmen are very ruthless, its why they are generally so successful. It would although obviously have been the wrong choice, as it would have been to the detriment of the future of global IT development and more important the detriment of end user benefit and increased sales.  This sort of comment (although a reality) does nothing to promote the "good guy" image portrayed very well by the late Mr. Jobs.

If anyone can promote a product with out looking like a Crook it must be Richard Branson who takes the crown.  The difference is he is not only exceedingly good at what he does, he is without doubt Mr. Clean.  Many should learn from his example and not just clean up their act but clean up below the Facade so the public will truly respect them..................sales would also make a jump in the process.
In the 1940s, IBM founder Thomas Watson speculated that there was a world market for maybe 5 computers. Back when they were the size of a building and consumed enough electricity to power a whole city block.
In 1981 Bill Gates said that 640k RAM was enough for anybody- when the entire DOS fit on a 360kb floppy, and programs were a couple of hundred kilobytes in size. Neither of them included the words 'for all time to come'.
And in 1997 when Michael Dell made that statement, Apple was drowning financially until a cash injection from Microsoft saved them, then they reinstated Jobs as CEO and the rest is history, so WTF was wrong with what he said?
+Raja Swaminathan just because people (even/especially experts) are hilariously bad at predicting the future, the fact that everyone does it doesn't make it less hilarious when they get it very very wrong.
Dell in the old days focused more on the quality vs quantity of their units. Fast forward to now, they are doing the exact opposite. Ever since they bought Alienware, that was a sure sign of destruction. Not only did they ruined the quality of the Alienware laptops but they took on something that they couldn't handle. #dell #microsoft #alienware
The WTF problem was that Dell was not the one baling out Apple.  He had hoped that nobody would help them leaving the road open for him to take over the market.  Now his Streak has failed (sadly) and his Company has been run for the past few years by a bunch of numptys, he has taken action to make sure things pick up smartly. I say this from experience.....I have a Dell Latitude E6400 XFR and until last week owned (and was very happy with) a Streak 5.  The marketing team from Dell are nothing short of dire whereas the support team are surprisingly light years ahead.  The Streak 5 and 7 series can't be that bad as the 5 works well and the 7 is becoming "gold dust" due to cessation of production.  Dell knows what he is doing......albeit a year or two late.
By the way Andrew, how many Dell products have you purchased and/or still have?
I can buy Dell stock for less price than dinner for two at Applebee's.
The desktop is dead. It's all portable units now.
+Jason Paisley  That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.  I have yet to know a single person today that doesn't have at least 1 (most have two) PCs inside their home.  Yes they don't replace them every year since they no longer have to but every home still has one and if/when it breaks they will just get another.  calling the desktop dead is like calling the TV or refrigerator dead because it isn't selling as well as the latest toy.  Congratulations for proving that marketing works on the masses
John Ro
Android wouldn't have existed without Apple
+Darrell Sullivan : And Jobs was right. Microsoft won big. Now it's the mobile war and Microsoft is almost inconsequential. It's all Apple and Google now. 
+John Ro Android would exist stil without Apple, it might not be as amazing or have ever gotten as popular but it definitely would have existed. 
OK, everybody who's so confident of their analysis, tell me: what's Apple stock going to be trading at 15 years from now? Because Michael Dell made his statement in 1997. Should we be investing long in Apple? How about HP? Intel? Google? Facebook? Samsung?

Dell's decline has been going on for years, to be sure, but they were doing just fine in 1997, and Apple was indeed flailing. I remember Scott McNealy from Sun aptly criticizing Dell for having shallow R&D ("Dell adds to a computer the way a supermarket adds a bruise to a banana," or words to that effect), and I think you can argue that the analysis is correct: Dell relies heavily on Microsoft and Intel to carry its water. But in the end, Dell outlasted Sun, so heavy R&D isn't everything. Forecasting the fates of computer companies over long periods of time is a perilous business.
+Raja Swaminathan the Bill Gates 640k RAM quote from 1981 is an urban myth, there is no evidence he ever said it.
Michael Dell is kind of a jackass. 
He is taking his company private for 24 billion or so. I would love to be such a "Jackass"
Louis B
+Frank Cuenca yep more than 100 billion dollars in cash. The most valuable tech company. Apple surely is in such a "sad" place.
+Matthew J Price
 Like I said, they're not predicting the future. They're talking about the situation as they observe it in front of them. What Dell said about Apple was perfectly valid in 1997, when Steve Jobs was nowhere in the picture and the company was floundering.
+Louis Bank You are shortsighted, but you'll understand what I mean in a couple of years, I can't expain it to you right now.
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