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Well, I guess that's about it for the freebie version. Google has been gradually whittling this down for years, so no surprise. In fact, I expect more people would be surprised to know that the free version even existed in the first place.
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It is sad news for setting up a small set of email addresses for your own domain (eg., family member email addresses).
Looks like if you already have it set up this change doesn't impact you. 
I think that is highly unlikely +Billal DZ - they make money from consumers in other ways, like charging for premium storage.  But there is a very large market of free competition and they need to do everything they can to keep us coming back to the honey pot and create data to drive their ad business.  Hence free stuff like search, Google+, Google Maps, Android, etc. etc.

AFAIK there is no one providing a a business class service like Google Apps with a real SLA for free now.  And if you really want to roll your own knock yourself out setting up a mail server and trying to maintain and run it to anything near the level Google provides to consumers for free.  I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy these days.
Personally, I don't have a problem with this change. The more Google charges its customers directly, the better aligned its own and product priorities will be with its those of ours. +Billal DZ Yes, there's a risk that Google will conquer the world and become truly evil, but thus far at least there appears to be pretty strong competition with Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. Facebook is particularly interestingin the communication domain in my opinion.
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