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Chrome is catching on in mobile now, even though only Android 4.0+ users can use it. Well, also iOS users, but they don't seem interested for the most part.
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This is true. I use Chrome for nearly everything now: desktop (Chromium on Linux), laptop, tablet/mobile...and I am someone who was in the bag for Firefox not so long ago, especially because of Firebug.
I have Chrome on my iPhone but I haven't figured out yet why I should switch from Safari. (I use Chrome on my Ubuntu and Win7 machines.)
Chrome everywhere! Full advantage/genius of Chrome is if one uses it on all devices and/or different platforms. Very surprised only 1% of iOS uses Chrome... I do exclusively when on iOS. 
+Stephen Shankland unfortunately you are right but even if it was integrated with OS services it wouldn't make much difference unless it's default browser, that's just the way it is....personally I try to point out to people to use Chrome but 'normal' people just don't care...Chrome is useful and fun just hope Google innovates in next 2 years as much as they have in last 2 years and sooner or later 'normal people' will come sort of speak...haha
+Stephen Shankland sort of like 'fields of dreams' if you build it people will eventually come...? Maybe they should market it specifically for iOS but that might piss AAPL off even more..? I can not understand how people can use anything but Chrome on desktop/laptop or mobile? Few years ago many questioned Why Google needs Browser? Haha.. Now it is perhaps one of Googles strategy most lethal weapons...
I am very skeptical of any numbers from Net Applications.  Their desktop browser share numbers are definitely way off (in no small part because of their bizarre refusal to acknowledge that people use multiple browsers, and insistence on trying to count everyone as using a single browser), so I wouldn't be surprised if their mobile numbers also turned out to be off.
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