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New for the Chromebook Pixel: easier booting into other operating systems besides Chrome OS through "support for a user-provided custom bootloader," said Google's +Bill Richardson.
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I like Chrome OS and often use it for hours a day, but it's got plenty of shortcomings. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
+Tau-Mu Yi I'd be more interested in adding Android's Dalvik-based runtime to Chrome OS on the Pixel. I think that would be a more useful hybrid approach.
Ubuntu for tablets? Might be just the thing to run on this. Or just regular Ubuntu? Isn't it touch-enabled too? Since Unity...
That 32GB drive sure will make a dual-boot setup into an interesting challenge...
its also super easy to run ubuntu in chroot and when you do it that way the touch padand everything else works because its using the chromebooks kernel
+yuxiang hao It means Google isn't so arrogant as to limit the user's choice to only "approved" systems...a la Microsoft.

Google obviously wants you to use Chrome OS but they aren't trying to dictate what you do with your own hardware. 
+Charles Eye ok i understand what you mean. and i just wonder why you guys like to install many different kinds of OS in your own hardware.
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